Colorful Cupcakes

I’ve been inspired to bake recently by my friend Kirsten, so with St. Patricks day coming up and a game night planned, I decided to get my bake on and attempt to be creative.


Shamrock wrappers.

Before the food coloring.

Colorful batter!


Completed Cupcakes!

Rainbow of color on the inside.

I’m so excited with how these turned out.  They were vanilla flavored and  the color made them fun and festive.  They were super easy to make, too – you just layer the different colors into the pan and let them bake like normal.  I’m now inspired to bake more, especially now that I actually have a cupcake pan!  Yay!


3 thoughts on “Colorful Cupcakes

  1. I love them! I’ve seen some bloggers do these and have always wanted to try it myself. Maybe I’ll try it for a potluck my staff is having on Wednesday! I love the idea of shamrock ones with a rainbow in the middle.

  2. They turned out FANTASTIC! What a clever idea to use them for St Patties day cup cakes!! You are amazing Natalie. :o)And you made me want cupcakes desperately!!!

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