Home Wish List

I want:

–  Real furniture for our bedroom

–  To replace the kitchen floors

–  A candle that will make our entire house smell delicious

–  A pretty, red throw rug for the guest bedroom, also, curtains for said room

–  A shoe rack for the front closet so our shoes don’t pile up at the front door

–  An orchid to set in my kitchen window

–  To paint the bathrooms

–  A new coffee table

–  Soft bedding I want to jump into at night

–  A grill

–  A bedroom that feels like a refuge and not thrown together

–  A new ceiling fan

–  A deck

–  More counter top storage in our master bathroom

–  A new dining room table

–  Crown molding

–  Fluffy, inviting throw pillows for the couch

–  A new stove

I know this is all going to take time and patience, I just felt the need to make a list.  Any suggestions/tips to get these things done without breaking the bank?



6 thoughts on “Home Wish List

  1. Yes! Chris’ sister sent that blog to me and it’s amazing and filled with inspiration. I just need to be more patient and realize it’s just going to take time to grow into the house. :)

  2. Sounds like we need to hit the leesburg outlets! I am in the mood to do some decorating at my house too……and I have found so many great deals for home stuff there.

  3. So funny you mention the Ikea candles! I just found a vanilla one that I bought before we moved and it smells deeeeelicious. I might have to make another trip out there sometime soon to get more of them. :) And you’re right, they DO have orchids – how could I forget??

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