What Weekend?

One question:  Where the eff did the weekend go?!  Ugh! 

Saturday, I had grand plans of working on the house, but after a morning of running errands, catching up on our DVR (Jersey Shore, duh), and taking naps, we just weren’t nearly as productive as I thought we’d be.  We also had a birthday party in Arlington to attend for my cousin, so were only home until about 4, anyway.  Oh well, the party was fun. 

Birthday girl, Tracy and our cousin, Cindy.


Happy times.

This morning, we woke up to pouring rain, and Chris actually had to work for about 5 hours this morning.  I did a few things around the house and when Chris got home, we tackled the guest room.  It had been sort of a storage room for boxes since we moved in, so we put stuff away and actually turned the room into a proper guestroom!  I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

Guest Room - Before

Guest Room - After!

My goal is to find some red curtains to hang behind the bed, paint the room a fresh coat of white, and get some colorful wall art to add extra splashes of color.  I don’t really want to paint the walls any other color than white because I fear that it will compete with the red, so I think I’ll go the art route instead.  I wish we could have put the bed on the other wall, but the room is just too narrow, so it had to go under the window.  Oh well, such is life.  I think adding curtains will make a big difference.

My dad also came over today to help us with one of our most anticipating projects, moving the fridge!  The fridge that came with the house was a little fridge, and Chris has a nice, big, side by side fridge that we brought with us from his parents house.  The problem was, the area for the fridge where the counter was, was about 1/4 inch too small, so we had to saw it down to where the big fridge could fit.  We couldn’t do this until after closing, so we were happy to get that done today.  Hopefully the old fridge will sell on craigslist soon – I want it out of my kitchen! 

Sawing away at the counter.

Yay, the new fridge fits!

We did have a little bit of fun tonight playing Pictionary and practicing for a couples game night next Saturday.  Chris is taking it really seriously and I feel a lot of pressure to do well.  Okay, not really – I’m more just looking forward to hanging out with fun people with a few cocktails, funny drawings and hopefully lots of laughter.



I can’t believe the wekened is over.  Wahhhh!


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