Trying Times

To say that this week has been “trying” might be an understatement.  We are scheduled to close on the house tomorrow (we’re moved in, but have been renting back), and we’ve had more drama than I could have anticipated in the final few days.

Since we’re doing a first time home buyers program which allows us to put zero down, we’ve had to provide basically our entire life history.  We’ve had to explain every little thing on our credit report, resolve outstanding issues (I had a bill on my report from over EIGHT years ago that I never even knew about!!), send bank statements weekly, provide months worth of pay stubs, etc, etc, etc.  Literally, the list goes on and on.  I think that if you do a “normal” loan, it’s not nearly as intense, so don’t be too afraid if you’re in the market to buy – I definitely think we were in the minority of that kind of buying experience.

Wednesday, I nearly broke from the amount of stress we were experiencing.  I thought we were ready to go for closing, when suddenly our lender calls me and says “we have an issue.”  Seriously?  Two days before closing and suddenly we have an issue?  The state of Virginia puts income restrictions on the first time buyers program (we’re well below the limit), and suddenly we’re being told we exceed the limit.  My heart sunk and I felt totally helpless.  If they didn’t get their math right, we were going to lose the house.  It was just really upsetting, especially because we were just days away. We found out this morning that we’re good to go, but that doesn’t take away from the stress that we were experiencing.

Add to that whole ordeal, the apartment that we moved out of is trying to get more money out of us for alleged damage to the carpet.  I asked to see the “damage,” but they told me the carpet was already replaced which is super shady to me.  Apparently they’ll be sending me a bill, to which I’ll tell them to “shove it.”  Oh yeah, and we got an electric bill on that same apartment that could have warmed a 6-bedroom house.  Something is wrong, either with the unit in the apartment, or with the meter, but of course nobody wants to accept responsibility, so yeah, it’s good times.


I think tomorrow a lot of the stress and anxiety that I’ve been experiencing will subside.  At least, I hope it will.  I’ve been tightly wound and super anxious these past few days (and drinking a lot of wine – thanks Costco for your magnum size bottles) and I’m just ready for my mind to be eased and to know that the house is officially ours.  I’m ready to sell the old fridge, washer and dryer and get a new stove.  I’m ready to rip up the already torn up floor and replace it with something we like, and I’m ready to sign my life away for the next 30 years with the man I love.

Not everything in my life has been so negative, though, rest assured.  I got to catch up with some old friends today, and I got some great news that completely overjoyed me.  I love that hearing good news from people I care about makes me feel good.  I can live vicariously through them and feel filled with happiness. Not that I don’t experience my own happiness, but these huge moments in their life are moments to celebrate.   It’s a terrific feeling, and it reminds me that I need to get out with my girls in this area more often.

Commuting wise, this has been my first full week commuting to Tysons from Leesburg and it hasn’t been that bad.  When we extended our search to Leesburg, I said that I would be happy if I could keep my commute to an hour, and it’s been an hour exactly.  Chris is very familiar with the back roads in this area, so he’s mapped out some special routes for me to take so that I can avoid route 7 at all costs.  I’m sure that if I took route 7 (especially in the evenings) it would take about an hour and a half.  Actually, that’s what I did last Thursday, and it did take an hour and a half.  Never again.  I’m happy with my back roads.  I listen to Elliot in the Morning on my way to work, and an audio book on the way home.  Sounds nerdy, but it’s entertaining, and makes the drive go by faster.  Not too bad.

And can I just publicly thank Charlie Sheen for providing me laughter and entertainment this week of all weeks?  I hate his stupid TV show, but when I wanted to cry at my desk, I would read quotes that came directly out of his crazy mouth, and I’d laugh instead.  Thank the lord for his craziness – it just may have gotten me through this week.

Tomorrow is going to be the biggest day of my life so far and I can’t wait for it to be over.  However, I’m totally excited.



2 thoughts on “Trying Times

  1. I’m so glad that the lenders gave you the green light. I know you and Chris will have much to celebrate after tomorrow’s signing!

    And I see that you are “winning.” But my question is are you “bi-winning?” You “win here and win there?” Let me know. ;)

  2. Oh girl, I know the stress you are going through. It’s horrible. But it will be over soon. I promise!! And then I will come visit you and see your awesome house!! :)

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