Progression with a Side of Defeat

Today was up and down.  This morning we were able to sleep in with our new curtains blocking the sun, and we both woke up feeling motivated to unpack, so that was a good sign.  After breakfast, we started tackling the family room and kitchen, and shortly after, my friend Shannon who was in town from CT stopped by with her family to see the house.  It was a quick visit, but I wanted her to see the place, even if it was a mess since she lives out of state.

Soon after Shannon left, my dad called and said he was on the way to help us with some small projects we needed to finish.  The dryer needed a new cord to plug into the wall, door stops needed to be replaced, the faucet in the shower was leaking and needed to be fixed, a lamp needed repair and curtain rod brackets needed to be stabilized.  While they were working on all of that, I went through all of our dishes, glassware, pots & pans and silverware, running numerous cycles in the dishwasher and putting everything away.  I’m happy to say that 99% of the kitchen is done.  Almost everything is put away, you can see the countertop and I just really need to clean up the kitchen table which is acting as the hub for all of our DIY tools.

I wasn’t as successful as I wanted to be in completing my list from yesterday, but I did complete a lot of it.  We got most of the family room done with the exception of a few boxes, most of the kitchen is done, and I’m not going to lie, I totally gave up on putting clothes away.  I went upstairs and totally hit a wall and laid in bed instead of doing anything.  I felt slightly defeated, but then I realized that we had been going literally all day since 8am.  Natural to hit a wall at some point…

Tomorrow is Presidents day and thankfully I’m off.  Chris is working, so I plan on working on our bedroom and getting the clothes put away.  I’m a little bit ready to get back to work and out of moving mode.  It’s just been non stop since Thursday night when we kicked it into high gear with the packing, and I’m ready for a change of scenery.

We’re making progress, though….slowly, but surely.


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