Slightly Settled

We made it.  Of all of the times I’ve ever moved (a lot), yesterday was probably the most difficult.  I think maybe because:

a) We have a lot of stuff

b)  We got more our  stuff that we had been storing at our parents house since we didn’t have extra storage at the apartment, which ultimately meant combining even more stuff.

c)  We had less people helping us move than last year.

d)  I had a migraine.

e)  There were a lot of stairs involved.

Honestly, I have no idea what I would have done without Chris and his friends Jeff and Scott.  They worked their asses off and I’m terribly grateful for all of their help.

Once they emptied out the apartment, I stayed behind to clean it before our move-out inspection.  I think inhaling all of the fumes from the different cleaning supplies is what ultimately gave me a migraine later in the afternoon – it was awful.  But, our move-out passed inspection, and I’m not going to lie…as I left for the last time, I had flashbacks of all of the memories we created in that apartment.  No matter what, that will have always been our first place together.  Believe me, I’m happy to be moving onward, but I was a little nostalgic as I locked up for the last time.

The guys finished unloading the truck around 8pm last night, and we collapsed in exhaustion and were in bed by 10.

This morning we woke up bright and early at 7am because the sun came blasting through our windows, because we ripped down the vertical blinds a few days ago and haven’t replaced them with any window coverings.  Whoops.  Guess what we got today?  Curtains for the bedroom – maybe we’ll get to sleep in tomorrow!

We were pretty productive today, though, especially for being as tired as we are.  Chris cleaned out the storage/laundry room for me (cobwebs everywhere, my biggest fear), I unpacked a large amount the kitchen, my mom put away all of our pantry items that we brought from the apartment, my dad hung curtains our room, the kitchen and the family room, we distributed boxes to the correct rooms, I got the master bath mostly finished, and we played with Hunter in the backyard.

It’s so funny to see how Hunter and Delilah have adapted so quickly to the new house.  Delilah was definitely freaked out when we first got here, but once we let her out of the bathroom after everything was unloaded, she checked it out and has been fine ever since.  I was only a little bit worried that she would seek out a safe place and not emerge for a few days, but she was fine within an hour of smelling familiar things.  Her new favorite place is on the bottom stair in the family room.  She stretches out and goes right to sleep.  She’s so lazy we have to skip that stair to go upstairs.  It’s like she’s been here forever.

Hunter isn’t exactly enjoying all of the new room as much as Delilah is quite yet, but that’s because there are still boxes everywhere and he is a 110 pound dog trying to make his way through them.  He does seem to like the yard and as always, he follows us throughout the house wherever we go.  I’m anxious to get the boxes unpacked and broken down to make even more room for him to roam around.

Tomorrow my goal is to put away all of our clothes in the dressers and closet, finish unpacking the kitchen and arrange the family room how we want it.  Might be some lofty goals, but if I get even 2 of those things done tomorrow, I’ll consider it a success.

The Daytona 500 is on tomorrow, the Caps play at noon, AND Shannon and Emily are stopping by to say hi since they’re in town for the weekend.  Maybe my goals for tomorrow are a little out of reach…we’ll see what happens.

On an exciting note….I got a new computer!  My Macbook died about 6 weeks ago and Apple wanted $800 to fix it.   Booooooo!  I’ve been computerless at home, unless I’ve borrowed Chris’, and while I haven’t missed it as much as I thought I would, it was definitely annoying not having the convenience of the world at my fingertips.

Anyway, a few weeks ago, my dads coworker came into his office offering up a gently used IBM Thinkpad X41 and my dad jumped on it.  It was FREE!  While I do miss Apple, this will do!  It’s not like a normal laptop because it’s a tablet PC which means that the monitor flips around and it turns into a handheld touch screen thing, but the stylus is missing, so I need to order that if I ever want to use that feature, but it’s not a big deal if I don’t.  I mostly need the computer for internet browsing and managing my pictures.  Anyway, I’m just really happy and grateful for receiving a FREE computer on the heels of my beloved mac dying.  Good timing.

Weird, right? The monitor swivels and can lay flat on top of the keyboard creating a tablet to write on!

I’m going to try to start taking some pictures as the house comes together, but the problem is that I can’t find my camera charger anywhere!  Ah, the joys of moving.  You box things up and then can’t remember where you put them!  I’ll find it eventually, and when I do, you better believe a LOT of pictures will be taken.


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