The DIY Continues

I’m trying to take pictures and document our “DIY” projects as we prep to move in on Friday, but I haven’t been as great as I’d like at taking pictures.  We’ve just literally been too busy.

On Valentines Day, we spent the evening painting the master bedroom (it’s like a chocolate milk color), removing the hideous vertical blinds in the bedroom,  getting everything off of the carpets and vacuuming for the carpets to be cleaned on Tuesday.  All together, we spent about 2 hours of the evening working on that stuff before heading home to work on the apartment. 

I think taking posession and trying to prep it for moving has been a much bigger, stressful experience than I imagined it would be.  Trying to do two things at once (prep the new house and pack up/clean the apartment) is very taxing, and I can’t wait until Saturday when this is all over.

The completed family room.

The master bedroom with just the trim painted.

Chris removing the hideous vertical blinds. Yay!

Me, getting my paint on.

We’re going back tonight to work on some last minute stuff (mostly trim and baseboards), and I’m hopeful that tonight will be the last of the prep work before we actually move in on Friday.  Positve thoughts, positive thoughts, positve thoughts.


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