Moving Day Is Almost Here

Things I’ve learned this week:

1.  Buying a house is more work than I could have imagined.

2.  An electric screwdriver is a lifesaver, especially when replacing every single outlet/lightswitch cover in the house post-painting.

3.  I suck at painting baseboards.

4.  I’m excellent at painting doors and trim.

5.  Inhaling too much aerosol disenfectant can hurt your lungs.

6.  A lot of painting will leave your body sore.

7.  People are pigs and cleaning up after them is gross.

8.  Hands become cracked and dry after being exposed to harsh cleaning supplies and multiple hand washes.

9.  Once you take posession of a house, you really do start to notice every little thing that is wrong.  From a smudge of paint, to a small stain on the carpet, suddenly everything screams at you to be fixed.

10.  It’s all worth it.

Here are a few pictures of tonights work.  We’re not going back until moving day on Friday, so we recruited my dad to come over and finish the majority of the trim in the master bedroom (he can do it free hand, it’s ridiculous), we got a lesson in caulking the bathrooms & kitchen, we attempted to paint the baseboards (fail), we painted the trim (and I painted the pantry door – night and day difference from dingy yellow to bright white), and we cleaned up to make room for our stuff on Friday.  Pfew! 

Master bedroom before the trim was done. The color of the room is a little off in the picture. In person, it's more of a "chocolate milk" color and I love it.

Chris, learning how to apply caulking.

My magnificent painted door! The "before" was completely hideous. Covered in fingerprints, smudges and an overall yellow tint of nastines. Bright white is SO much better! Ughhhhhh!! Notice the gross, dirty baseboards in this picture? They are BUGGING me and I can't wait to finish painting them the clean white!!!

Chris working on the trim in the kitchen. Can you see a difference in color between what he’s painting on the right and what needs to be painted on the left?   It’s absurd the difference in color when next to each other.  It’s also just gross because the color difference is basically years of dirt and grossness just caking the trim.  Yay for new paint!

More updates as they happen!  I’m excited to start moving our things in and really making our house into a home.  We still have a lot of work ahead of us, but it’s little weekend projects that will just take some time to finish.  We’ll eventually need to paint the guest room and the office as well as the other two bathrooms, the floor in the kitchen will be replaced in early March, we’ll need to paint the rest of the doors in the house to get rid of that awful “dirty” tint, curtains need to be hung, we need to finish up the baseboards, replace the ceiling fan in the master bedroom, and I’m sure other stuff I’m will come up.  All in all, it’s relatively easy projects that we’ll spend weekends completing over time, with many trips to Home Depot, I’m sure. 

2 more days.


2 thoughts on “Moving Day Is Almost Here

  1. OH OH OH OH OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH… Fun-Ness…. the lessons I learned from home buying…
    1) I hate to paint
    2) Painting sux salty balls
    3) I pray to Allah, God, Jesus, Oprah Winfrey, and Tom Cruise I never have to paint a whole house again.

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