Best Conversation Ever

This just happened:

Natalie:  blah blah blah
Jamie:   channeling kesha now?
Natalie:  oh
Natalie:  maybe
Natalie:  im dancing like im dumb, so….yes.
Jamie:  excellent
Jamie:  the real question is….do you have jesus on your neck a lace lace lace
Natalie:  yes, and stockings ripped all up the side, obviously.
Jamie:  you look good
Natalie:  and dirty.
Jamie:  thats a given
Jamie:  so michael and i were talking, and we decided to blame our sicknesses on Kesha
Jamie:  since we were breathing the same air as her
Natalie:  you probably should
Jamie:  im sure she contaminated it
Natalie:  she’s like the walking version of hepatitis C
Natalie:  she’s what i imagine the bacteria to look like in person.
Natalie:  under a microscope.
Jamie:  you look under a microscope and see a ton of dancing keshas
Jamie:  i love it
Natalie:  exactly
Natalie:  bacterial keshas
Jamie:  throwing glitter in the air
Natalie:  and mascara running down their faces
Jamie:  yessss
Jamie:  im pretty sure thats what my flu test results looked like
Natalie:  exactly
Jamie:  best convo ever


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