Away We Go!

My body is sore, I feel like I’ve done 1,000 squats and I am exhausted! 

We took posession of the townhouse yesterday and have been go, go, go since Saturday morning.  The more I was in the house, the more little things I noticed we need to fix.  The baseboards are scuffed, the ceiling is in dire need of fresh paint, drawers and cabinets need to be scoured and cleaned, and not to mention we still have to finish painting the master bedroom.  However, we did get a lot accomplished.

We started by painting the kitchen and I’m really happy with the way it turned out.

Kitchen before paint.

Kitchen after paint.

We also painted the family room, but I didn’t get a good “before” shot, and it’s really just a lighter shade of blue and we still need to finish out the trim.  Saturday, we also spent 3 hours fixing a leaky toilet and had to make 3 trips to Home Depot, but it was productive overall.

Sunday,  we painted more and more and more and more.  I guess I had it in my mind that painting wouldn’t take that long since I’ve never actually painted a full house before.  In the past I’ve painted one room a time and it’s been easy.  Painting multiple large rooms, and ceilings is tiring.  It’s physically demanding, my arms and legs are sore, my right hand went numb more than once while working on trim and my eyes hurt from focusing on getting it just right. 

We also updated the dining room light in the kitchen because a) I hate gold and b) It’s hideous.

Ugly light needs to go away.

My dad and Chris working on replacing the light.

Completed light!

Painting the ceiling.

We brought over the bath stuff for our guest bathroom and got that project completed today, too.  Easy project and it’s a fun result.  We thought having something DC related would be fun for guests, and when we first saw this shower curtain at Chris’ sisters house, we knew we wanted one some day.  It’s bright and fun and I’m pleased with the final result.

DC themed guest bath.

 We also spent a lot of time today doing little things.  We had to remove every single electrical cover from light switches and outlets because they were dirty and Chris had to paint each of them.  I’d never even thought about such a project until we moved in, and it’s funny how such small things can be so tedious and moderately time consuming.  We also had to pull out the fridge to paint behind it, and ultimately discovered a disgusting mess which took a while to clean up. Also, my favorite part of the day was ripping out the vertical blinds in the kitchen which we’ll replace with white curtains.  Little projects just add up!

Official moving day is Friday so we have the next 4 days to get as much prep-work done as possible.  Tomorrow for Valentines Day we’ll be at the house painting the master bedroom, and hanging curtains downstairs.  We also have to vacuum to prep for the carpets to be cleaned on Tuesday, so just another task on the laundry list of things we have to do before Friday.

My friend Lindsey sent me the best quote tonight about home ownership, and I love it. 

“Getting a new house is like getting the ultimate new toy. The fact that it comes complete with chores and 30 years of debt is totally irrelevant.”

So far, so good.


One thought on “Away We Go!

  1. You are going to be thrilled when you get your furniture moved in, Good call on removing the brass fixture! Congrats Natalie!

    Ps Lindsey- I am stealing that quote!

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