We Went Shopping…

We’re two weeks away from the big move, and since Chris has a friend coming in town next weekend, we decided to take the opportunity this weekend to shop for some essentials before we move in.  We initially planned on just going to Ikea, but since we couldn’t find everything we liked there, the day turned into a 7 hour shopping marathon.  However, I’m happy to report that we were mostly successful.

At Ikea, we were able to get some good deals on some kitchen scrubby brushes, a lot of hangers, and our deal of the day, new dishes.  They’re cheap and certainly won’t last us years and years, but, they’ll do the job for now, as our current dishes are breaking/chipping constantly and we’re down to like 3 plates.  Anyway, these simple brown dishes were $15 for an 18 piece set, so we were able to get 2 sets for $30.  Hands down, the deal of the day.

I was hoping to find an affordable hanging lamp to replace the hideous light that is currently in the dining room, but we had no such luck.  Either it was too “out there,” or it was too expensive, so we decided to hold off on the dining room lamp.  We weren’t really successful with table lamps and floor lamps, either, but luckily, they can wait because we have enough lighting to get us through the beginning.

After Ikea, we went to Wal Mart to buy a vacuum cleaner.  Just writing that sentence makes me feel like a senior citizen.  I hate getting excited about something like a vacuum cleaner, but I am.  Our current vacuum is 4 years old, smells like dog and cat, and is just…..gross.  We vowed to not bring it into the new place, and Wal Mart had this pet specific one on sale for less than $100, so it was a good buy.

We headed over to Bed Bath and Beyond shortly after Wal Mart in hopes of finding a new duvet cover.  Our current cover is just old, and was really cheap and simply needs to be replaced.  However, everything at Bed Bath and Beyond is like $200, soooooo, that went out the window quickly.  I was bummed because I was really looking forward to new beddding, but we turned our focus to the bathroom instead. 

We went with a geometric pattern of squares in shades of blue and brown for the bathroom and I can’t wait to see it all put together. 

I also got a solid chocolate brown bath mat for in front of the shower, but I couldn’t find a picture of it online.  I think it’s all going to turn out nicely.

As we drove home, I was still bummed about not finding bedding, so we made a final pit stop at Kohls to see if they had the bedding we liked online in stock.  They didn’t, but they actually had something we liked better!  And, the best part is that the blues of the bathroom match the bedding perfectly!  So excited.  In the picture below, we got the comforter cover and the shams, not all of the extra stuff, as I’m not really a throw pillow kind of gal…

The best part about this bedding?  It was 40% off, and the one that I got was the last king size and the package had a tear in it, so I got an additional 15% off.  The bedding was fine, but the packaging was bad, soooo, extra discount for me!  I was out the door at $87!  Whoo hoo!

The only thing we really need to buy at this point is the paint for the kitchen, great room (slate blue/lighter slate blue) and our bedroom/bathroom (light brown).  After we get that finished, we can start getting the rest of the stuff on our list, but I’d say we’re off to a good start.  We got the majority of the necessities – the luxuries can wait. 

Getting more excited each and every day!!


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