The Beginnings of a House Wish List

With our move-in date to the new house fast approaching, I’ve been consumed with everything house related.  I have a wish list a mile long, and I wanted to share some of my ideas just for fun.  I’m sure that my taste will change as we start updating/decorating the house with stuff, but here are some thoughts I have for now.

I’m loving this bedding set from Kohls, and it’s on clearance!  If we love it as much as we think we do, we’ll probably go ahead and buy it in the next week or so.  We’re planning on painting our bedroom a light mocha color, so I think it will go nicely.  I’m still debating whether to put up brown or blue curtains, as well as how to decorate the attached bathroom without it being “tooooooo” matchy, matchy.

Love these lamps from Ikea!  They’re classic and affordable and I think they’ll go with any sort of furniture that we buy once we get to the point where we’re ready to get a full bedroom set.

These pillows are fun, but aren’t too bold for my taste.  Our couch is a light brown, and we’re planning on painting the walls a slate blue, so I think it would tie everything together well.  I’d likely mix in some chocolate brown pillows and maybe even some solid blue, but I love this pattern from West Elm

The more I look at stuff, the more I realize just how much we have to buy.  Little things from replacing the hideous dining room ceiling light, to getting new kitchen dishtowels and a throw rug for the family room.  Add to that new dishes (ours are literally breaking on a frequent basis), storage containers, pots, pans, laundry storage system, a lawnmower, a grill……the list is becoming never ending.

I want to go to Lowes and Home Depot everynight and look at the endless possibilities.  I want to look at the different faucets and the paint swatches and the caulk and the insallation.  I want to stalk every flooring store in the area for the best deal on replacing the kitchen floor.  I want to subscribe to every home magazine out there for inspiration and I want this house to feel like home.

Gawd, this is fun.


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