We’re Moving Up in the World…

The last time I blogged, we had put an offer on a house in Leesburg and were waiting anxiously to hear if we got the house or not.  We heard on Friday that the owners had received 2 offers on the home, and since we offered fairly low on the asking price AND the house had only been on the market for ONE day, we naturally assumed the owners would pick the other offer.  Since we figured our offer was too low, we decided to move on (not thinking we were in the running), and expand our search to Prince William County, specifically Bristow, Manassas and Gainesville.  We had heard that you can get a lot more for your money out that way, but honestly, I didn’t see a big difference when it came to what you got for the money.  The biggest difference I saw was the property taxes (Loudon County is about $1,000 more  a year), but that was really it.

Saturday, we did find a house in Manassas that we liked, and we were resigned to me taking 66 to work (or finding alternate routes to try to avoid traffic) and Chris having to take back roads to get out to Loudon County for work, but it was worth it, because we’d be buying.  So, we put an offer on a cute townhouse and it was almost immediately rejected.  Even though we offered full asking price, the owners refused to take on closing costs, so we had to walk away.

When we called our realtor later that evening to talk about our second favorite home of the day, she told us that the realtor from the house we put the offer on in Leesburg had just called, and the owners decided that of the two offers they received, they wanted to work with us.  We were stunned.  Literally, speechless.  We never actually thought we had a chance at that house so to hear that it could possibly ours was just…awesome.  The owners countered our offer and met us RIGHT in the middle AND agreed to pay closing costs.  As a first time home buyer, I just don’t think it could get any easier than that.  I also think that the sellers really did us a favor by not going into a tedious negotiation and meeting us halfway made it so much better.

So, we quickly signed the counter offer, sent everything over, and it’s done!  The only bad part is that the bank takes FOREVER to do paperwork, so there could possibly be an overlap of when we have to be out of our apartment and when we close on the townhouse.  However, since the townhouse is vacant, we will hopefully be able to just rent from the owners until closing to give them some money, and save us from moving twice in a 3-week time frame.

Overall, it’s been a stressful but fun and exciting experience.  The house doesn’t have every single thing that was on our wish list, but we got the majority of the things.  The one thing we didn’t get was an end unit, but everything else that was important, (big kitchen, large master bedroom, fenced in yard) we got, and that’s what matters the most.

The house is pretty “vanilla”  (beige everywhere) right now, so I can’t wait to paint, update a few things and really make it ours.  I can’t wait to get out of our tiny apartment with our awful neighbors and finally OWN a piece of this world.



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