Adventures in Homebuying

I never thought that Chris and I would be in a position to buy a home in this area for many years to come.  It’s not a secret that the cost of living is out of control here, so buying a house is kind of something that you don’t think is atainable until you’re like 40 years old. 

We recently found out that Virginia has a first time home buyers program that allows you to buy a house with no down payment, so that put us into a much better position to buy a home sooner than later.

The lease on our current apartment is up in less than 30 days, so if we’re going to do this, we’re going to have to move quickly.  No pressure at all.  Ha.

On Monday, we spent a good 5 hours looking at townhouses in the Gainesville and Leesburg areas.  We found a few houses that we liked, but some had multiple offers already, or some just needed too much fixing up.  Monday night, we did find a really cute townhouse in Leesburg that we decided to put an offer on.  The house needed a lot of work on the inside (the entire house needed to be painted from floor to ceiling, every window needed blinds, kitchen needs updating, bathrooms need updating), but it was a great house.  So, we excidedly put an offer on the house and just waited.

We found out on Tuesday night that another offer had been received and it was tremendously higher than our offer, so we decided to walk away.  It was disappointing, but we chose to move on in our search.

Yesterday, we looked at a few more houses out in the Leesburg area and it was very hit or miss.  One house was older but was updated very nicely and I thought it could be “the one.”  Chris was smart enough to talk to the neighbors though, and we found out that the home owners association is very difficult to work with and putting up a fence is nearly impossibly.  A fence is at the top of our list so that Hunter has somewhere to run around, so that house was out.  We went to another townhouse that was recently gutted and refinished, but the parking situation was a mess, the neighborhood was a little sketchy and there was zero yard.  The last house we looked at was a complete disaster zone.  It looked like it started as a regular rambler, but the owners added a zillion bedrooms, bathrooms directly across the hall from one another, and it was like a maze.  Mega fail.

The good news, is that we came out of last night with a townhouse that we both really liked.   We put an offer on it and are anxiously waiting to hear back from our realtor.  We’re especially nervous because the house has only been on the market for 2 days and hasn’t even had a weekend to show yet.  Please send us positive thoughts!


4 thoughts on “Adventures in Homebuying

  1. Good luck, good luck! I would LOVE to pick your brain. I am seriously considering moving back to VA this summer with Dennis, and I’m looking to live in Haymarket/Gainesville/out west somewhere where it’s cheaper. We can probably afford 300K at the most, or no more than a 2000k mortgage. One of my best friends lives in a gorgeous townhouse in Haymarket that was built to their specifications, and I want to say they bought it for around 3. I think the prices for them have gone down, as well as the single family homes around them. I don’t think we can afford a single family home yet. We have to see what jobs we get when we move.

    Anyway, how exciting! I have been watching so many episodes of “My First Place” on HGTV and it makes me want to go out and buy one myself! Fingers crossed for you! And seriously, I would love to hear how the process went, because I am virtually clueless other than what I’ve seen on TV. We should sit down one day when I’m back in VA and discuss homebuying and Chris Cooley pottery-haha. I’m sure Dennis would get along with Chris as well…as long as he likes beer and sports, Dennis is good. :)

    • Yes, when you’re back, we should definitely get together! I imagine our boys have a mutual adoration of sports and would get along great! :)


    PS.. I didnt know I was moving back to VA (didnt know that I ever lived there…) this summer.. but Robin seems to understand my likes pretty good.

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