Birthday Came Early

I turn 31 tomorrow, but the gifts came early.  Whoo hoo, I love early gifts!!

I have a doctors appointment first thing in the morning on my actual birthday, and we’re meeting for dinner with both of our families right after work, so we would have had to get up extra early to do gifts, or wait until 8 o’clock after dinner and cake (I hate opening gifts at restaurants), so an evening early it was!

Chris was very excited to give me my gifts which made me really nervous.  He was so cute and made me sit patiently on the couch as he brought everything in and prepped to give me stuff.

Gift number one was a big bag of goodies from Lush Cosmetics.  I LOVE Lush, and I was super excited that Chris found it without my saying a single word.  He knows how much I love bubble baths, and our new townhouse has a giant garden tub in it, so the timing was perfect.  He did such a great job picking out the perfect scents, too and I was really excited.  I love when he can pick out stuff for me that’s absolutely perfect without any hints at all!

Sakura "Cherry Blossom" Bath Bomb.

Gingerbread Bubble Soap.

Beside the Seaside Gift Box filled with more bath bombs, more bubble soaps and shampoo.

After my love affair with the Lush bag, he made me sit back down on the couch for my “big” gift, which I was clueless about.  He did not disappoint when he pulled a Tiffany blue bag out from behind his back.  What girl doesn’t love Tiffany?

Unopened box.

Tiffany Bead Earrings. Love!

So happy!  Great gifts, but more importantly, I feel incredibly loved.  Yay!


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