Tis the Season

I feel like this years holiday season started off with a big bang (going to the Macy’s parade), but since we got home, my holiday spirit has kind of stalled.  We got our little tree up the Saturday after Thanksgiving, but I haven’t bought gifts yet (I’m struggling just to write a list), and Chris has been out of town and doesn’t get back until Sunday, so it’s not exactly festive around here.  But, I’m hoping that all of that will change in the next few days/weeks.

I’m planning on beginning my holiday shopping tomorrow, so hopefully that will give me a little holiday pick me up.  Buying gifts for other people always makes me happy – I’m just really having a hard time in the gift giving ideas department this year.  I hate that I’m having such a block when it comes to ideas for people, and I feel like I’m making it a lot more difficult than I should be.  I feel like I’m constantly on the quest for “the perfect gift,” but in reality, “the perfect gift” doesn’t exist!  It’s the thought that counts, right?  I better get it together because I’m running out of time, and since I refuse to frequent the mall and do all of my shopping online, I’m really running out of time.

On Sunday, after we pick up Chris and his mom from the airport, we’re supposed to go by the Mormon Temple in Maryland because they have a magical display of lights that is supposed to be amazing.  I have no idea why I’ve never heard of the Temple light display in all of the years that I’ve lived here, but after looking at the website, I’m really excited to see it in person.

The following Sunday, the 19th, Chris, my parents, his parents and I are all going to dinner and then to the Kennedy Center to see a The Washington Chorus Candlelight Christmas.  If that doesn’t put me in the holiday spirit, then I think I’m screwed.

Sometime before Christmas Day, Chris and I will make our way to the National Christmas Tree and play tourists on the lawn of the White House which is always a good time.  Last year was our first Christmas together and we spent it eating dinner at Old Ebbit and then holding hands as we fought to not fall on the icy path toward the Ellipse where the tree stands.  If I had fallen, I wonder if I could have sued the White House for not salting the path.  Fun times.


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