Not so Neighborly

Dear New Neighbors,

You have a problem with being loud.  A serious problem.  Quite frankly, you’re starting to piss me off.

It starts at 6am, with the loud stomping and doors slamming directly above my head.  This morning, it appears as though you slammed your bathroom door at 2:30am, waking our dog up into a barking frenzy.  Not cool, neighbor, not cool.  Currently it’s after 10pm on a Monday night and you’re still being loud above my head.  I’m trying to unwind from my day and you just made the dog bark again at your sudden noises, scaring the crap out of me.  How am I supposed to relax?

When we try to eat dinner at night and unwind from the day, we’re constantly plagued by the sound of your children running what sounds like circles around your apartment.  For such little kids, they sure sound like a herd of elephants tearing through a meadow.  And it never ends – the loudness goes on for hours.  Slamming doors, running around, 100lb dumbbells being dropped on the floor (that’s what it sounds like).  I don’t understand how you could be so loud.  We never heard our previous neighbors…ever.

So, to sum up, you suck.


2 thoughts on “Not so Neighborly

  1. Have you contacted the leasing office? I definitely would call them and nicely mention that your new neighbors have been a little bit louder than you are comfortable with. Hopefully they will call them and ask them to keep it down. Or you could put an anonymous note under their door . . .

  2. Yeah, we’ve complained twice already. I guess the neighbor went into the leasing office and said they were “still moving stuff”, but they’re still loud. At this point I’m more annoyed than anything and don’t feel like complanining anymore because we’re moving out in February anyway. I hate apartment living.

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