Redskins Radness

Last night, we experienced a once in a lifetime event and can’t even put into words how awesome it was!

My friend Kirsten’s husband has launched a website called Sportsbuzz and it’s like an interactive social networking site for professional athletes.  Fans can “follow” a team or a player and the athletes blog, post videos, answer fan questions and other stuff.  The really cool thing is that it’s not all while they’re on the field – it’s their personal lives, hobbies, and other stuff outside of sports that gets you even closer.  So last night was the launch party for the website and were lucky enough to be invited and got to meet and hang out with a lot of players.  

If you’re a sports fan, definitely check out the website – it’s a very cool concept and gives a new perspective on atheletes for fans to enjoy!

Making our entrance to the party.

Kirsten and Tanner on the red carpet.

Red Bull and Vodka buddies.

Lavar Arrington doing his radio show.

Chris, Fred Davis and me.

Tracy and Graham Gano.

Me, Reed Doughty and Chris.

Kirsten and Tanner enjoying the party.

Happy Chris.

Group shot with Lavar Arrington!!


Chris with Graham Gano.

Chris Cooley time!

Fred Davis likes to bartend.

Donovan McNabb showed up!

Hi, Mr. McNabb.

Tracy and Darren with Coooooooooooley.

Tracy, creating the best photo bomb EVER.

The best picture I could get of Tracy and Darren "with" Donovan. Haha.


In a word to sum up the night:  Epic.


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