Weekend Radness with the Guzley’s

Have I mentioned that I feel incredibly grateful to have a boyfriend with awesome friends?  I first met Tim and Christine at one of the wedding’s we went to this summer, and it was friendship at first meeting!  Chris has known Tim for something like 11 years and is one of his best friends and I can say nothing but wonderful things about both of them. 

Anyway, Tim and Christine came to visit us from Philadelphia this weekend, and I’m confident that a fun time was had by all.  We literally laughed til we cried, we saw almost every sight that DC has to offer, we encountered a celebrity chef, we ate our faces off, and it was awesome.

BFF's at Chammps


Tim running up the exorcist stairs.


White House tourists.

White House Kisses


So fun

The Guzley's at Gravely Point

Cartwheeling Christine

Capitol Couple



Just a friendly little fight. Ha.

Borderline inappropriate on the Capitol lawn?

Best Buds for Life

Beautiful Pentagon Memorial

Iwo Jima

Spike, from Top Chef!

Post-root beer shot high fives

Long day ends at hard times

The Guzley's are so cute

Great, great, great weekend.


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