Books, Wine and Football!

Let me just start this blog by saying that I am so glad that I took a weekday as a vacation day to recover from this past weekend, and more importantly, from the Monday Night Football game last night.  I am EXHAUSTED.

The weekend was so busy that it honestly felt like I didn’t even have a weekend.  You know when you’re just so busy that you have no time to relax and unwind?  It was one of those weekends, but still fun.

Saturday, we woke up and went straight to the dog park where we proceeded to bribe Hunter with treats and taught him how to literally jump through hoops.  It was an unusually slow day at the park, so Hunter did a lot of running around on his own, retrieving tennis balls and just running free.  I love to watch him run around – he’s so giant he looks like a little pony.  Ha!

Jumping for treats.

After the dog park, we dropped off Hunter and loaded up 4 bags of books that I wanted to sell at the used book store nearby.  I had spent an hour on Friday night sorting through my old books, deciding what I wanted to sell, and I was ready (and slightly sad) to sell my books since I’m a “Kindle” now, and really have no use for paper books anymore.  It really was a big hurdle for me to jump to actually sell my books, as I’ve always considered them a piece of me and I’ve always taken pride in displaying them.

Bye, bye books.

Going into the used book store, I had really high hopes.  I felt like I had good books, but I was really disappointed when the seller sorted through my stuff and only selected about 12 books.  I definitely felt like my balloon was deflated and that only made me more determined to sell the rest of the books.  I had heard about a large place in Manassas, so I told Chris we were going straight there, so we drove all the way out there only to learn they don’t buy fiction – they only trade it in.  I wasn’t interested in store credit since I read on the Kindle, so I sorted through and pulled out all of my non-fiction for them to look at.  After an hour of waiting for them to look at 10 books, they only bought 2.  Sucked.  One our way home, Chris knew of a small place in Chantilly, so we stopped there and the guy was a complete jerk and was like “I’m not interested in anything you have.”  Ughhhh!!  I still had two full bags of books and wanted to get rid of them so badly.  We randomly drove by a clothing consignment shop, but I saw books in the window and raced in to see if they would buy books like they buy clothes.  Sure enough, they did indeed buy books, and I was able to unload about one bag full.  For the day, I made about $62 on my old books, but OMG, what a four hour nightmare to get that job done.  Luckily, Niki came to town the next day and I threw about 20 books at her and told her to keep them.  Thanks, Niki!!

On Sunday, I was super excited, because it was girls day out in Virginia wine country!  Niki came into town on Saturday night and we met up with Tracy and Kirsten to take a shuttle out to two vineyards out in Loudon county.  It was an unusually warm November day and was gorgeous for wine tasting.  We all left with at least one bottle of wine (or five) and it was a great afternoon with the girls.

Niki, Tracy, me and Kirsten at 3 Fox Vineyard.

First tasting menu.


Kirsten, tasting at Swedenburg Estate in Middleburg.

Nice view.

Tracy, tasting!

Cornhole at the Vineyard? Awesome!

So on Monday, we finally finished Chris’ birthday celebration by going to the Monday night football game of the Redskins and Eagles.  We tailgated with my friend Kirsten and her family before the game and then headed to our seats waaaaaaay up in the sky.  Shortly into the first quarter, it started pouring and the Eagles had scored 3 times already, so THAT sucked, but otherwise, it was a super fun time.  The tailgating was great (before AND after the game), the company was awesome and the game was such a blowout that we just made our own fun and friends.  I’m so grateful that I took off today because definitely did not get home until 3am.

Excited guy.


More tailgating.

Me and Kirsten at the tailgate.

Rainy game.


Happy guy.


Lifelong fan.

Yay for vacation days!  Hope everyone has a great week!


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