Life List – Updated!

I’m updating this on December 27th because since I originally posted it a few months ago, I’ve crossed a few things off my list!  Woot!


A few months ago, I decided to take Ted Leonsis’ advice and begin my own “life list.”  I’ll soon cross off a few things on this list, so I thought that I’d take the time to update and add new things.  New challenges mean more things to look forward to in the future!


Get Married

Have Children

Have grandchildren


Pay off  student loans

Make six figures annually

Donate at least $100 to charity every year

Save enough money to send my children to college


Go to the Superbowl

Go to the final match of the US Open of Tennis

Go to the Olympics

Take a picture with Alex Ovechkin

Visit at least 20 different baseball parks

See the Capitals win a Stanley Cup

Go to a World Series Game


Own a home

Own a glass fridge specifically for beverages

Own a second home on/near a beach

Buy and wear red converse sneakers (Done – Chris got them for me for Christmas!)

Own a Keurig Coffee Maker (Christmas gift from the Goodmans!!)


Visit every state in America

Spend a week in a hut on the ocean in Tahiti

Go to Oktoberfest — IN Germany

Kiss in front of the Eifel Tower

Stand upon the Great Wall of China

Float in the Dead Sea

Visit the 4 corners of the United States

See a Broadway show…on Broadway (Saw Promises, Promises with Sean Hayes & Kristen Chenoweth in November during our trip to NYC for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!)


Plant and grow my own garden

Eat a genuine gourmet meal at a world renowned restaurant

See U2 in concert

Complete and pass the PHR (Professional in Human Resources) certification exam

Shake Ted Leonsis’ hand (or give him a hug if he’ll let me)

Participate in a half marathon

Fly down a zip line

Learn to swim properly in the ocean/waves

Spend a full day at a luxury spa

Take a cooking class

Learn to sew a button and other basic sewing techniques

Take a hot air balloon ride

Fire a gun at a shooting range (Shot two during a recent trip to the range thanks to Chris’ cousin, Richard – awesome!)

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