Football & Halloween

I love fall!  After carving pumpkins the other day, I really got into the Halloween spirit and this past weekend, the weather was amazing and we spent it outside watching football!

Saturday, we drove to Annapolis for the Navy/Duke football game.  Chris has a “life list” of places he wants to visit and Navy Memorial Stadium is on that list, so that was one of his birthday gifts.  It was their homecoming game, so it was packed which made the experience that much better.  As an Army brat and Carolina fan, I was very torn who to cheer for, but ultimately the decision was easy and I chose to go with our future protectors, the midshipmen.

I was really excited for Chris to see all of the formality that goes into a military academy game, so we got their early to see the cadets march onto the field and witness the F-18 Flyover.  The thing about military schools (West Point, Annapolis, USAFA), is that the kids have to remain in their platoons until they’re released, so it’s a pretty neat thing to see.  Once they’re released, they run into the stands and cheer like crazy.  My favorite part is at the end of the game, win or lose, the football players go over to their classmates and they all sing the alma matter.  What’s even better is that their opponents come with them, standing shoulder to shoulder, or behind them as a show of support.  It’s a really nice way to show support to kids who are willing to put their lives on the line to protect our freedom and I love it every time.

The game was crappy to start (they were down 0-24 at halftime), but it got really exciting and they scored 31 points in the 2nd half, but still lost 31-34.   Either way, it was still a good time.

March On

Sunday, I randomly decided that I wanted to dress up for Halloween to pass out candy to kids, so I got creative (not really) and made myself into a “punk witch.”  I begged and pleaded for Chris to dress up with me, but he was NOT having it, so when we left to go to my parents house to eat dinner & pass out candy, I was decked out, while he was in jeans and a sweatshirt.  I felt like a total tool.

When we got to their house, Chris asked me to help him with bringing in our pumpkins and candy and when he opened the trunk to the Envoy, I saw a giant Winnie the Pooh costume which his parents had let him borrow.  SUCCESS!  I almost jumped out of my 4 inch platform heels and nearly broke his neck as I threw my arms around him.  I was SO excited (over something so silly!!!) that he was willing to dress up with (for) me.  The best part is that I made him put on the costume before we walked into the house and my parents nearly DIED of laughter upon seeing him.

We ate dinner, passed out candy, kids adored Pooh Bear (nobody cared about the punk witch!), and it was a great night.

Happy Autumn!!!!


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