Halloween Memories and a New Tradition

Growing up, we didn’t have a big Halloween traditon.  We were always on the go, moving around the country and world, so it wasn’t something that we could really make a tradition out of.  I have great Halloween memories, we just didn’t have a family “thing.”  However, my mom handmade my costumes up until I was in about 5th grade and my dad would let me draw on a pumpkin and then carve out whatever I drew, making me pull all of the “guts” out.  We’d trick or treat (I was cut off at age 13) and that was about it. 

We never really got too festive, decorating the house, or individually carving pumpkins.  My best memories were my mom making my costumes from scratch and my parents taking me together to get candy through whichever neighborhood we lived in.  In my early years, she was creative enough to make me a marshmallow (my costume consisted of a white potato sack which they wrote on with black marker “I”m a Marshmallow.”), a bubble bath (I was put into a pink leotard and tights and they attached pink balloons all over me and handed me a back brush), and my personal favorite, a ladybug (my mom actually sewed together the costume and worked on it for weeks).  

I think a few times when we lived in Indiana we made it out to the pumpkin patch and maybe did a hayride once or twice, but we never had any hard and fast traditions.  My halloweens were great growing up, don’t get me wrong, I’ve just been hearing about all of these other traditions other families had and it made me reminisce about my own Halloweens. 

As I’ve gotten older, I became sort of apathetic to Halloween.  I think I’ve dressed up once as an adult and gone to a party, and when it comes to passing out candy, I’m the “bah humbug” neighbor who turns out the front light to indicate I’m not participating.  I sound so bad – I’ve just been NOT interested.

To get into the Halloween spirit this year, I came home yesterday, and Chris had a surprise waiting for me – 2 pumpkins for us to carve.  My VERY FIRST pumpkin to carve by myself….at the age of 30.  HA!  It’s so funny how different we are in our traditions (his family would carve pumpkins every year and Chris LOVES handing out candy).

Anyway, we covered the table in newspaper, Chris setup the knives and a box to throw the guts into, and we got started.  I was a little nervous at first because I’m not so good at handling knives, but after I got the hang of it, it was actually really fun and got me into the spirit.  In fact, we might even hand out candy this year.  Hehe.

The setup.

Chris helping me with scooping out my pumpkin.

Our little animal planet, patiently watching.

Covered in pumpkin guts!

Pumpkin mess.

Our finished pumpkins!

The pumpkins totally look like us.


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