Fantastic Fall Weekend

We had a really great weekend filled with some pretty great stuff and it just reminded me why I love this time of year so much!  Though I have to say, Saturday and Sunday, the temperature was in the mid 70’s which is definitely NOT fall like.  I’m ready for the 50 degree days filled with crisp leaves flying through the air.  Excellent weekend nonetheless!

Saturday, we drove out west to Skyline Drive to check out the beautiful views and changing leaves.  We got on Skyline in Front Royal, ate our picnic lunch at one of the overlooks, drove around, checked out the amazing views and took a ton of pictures.  While it wasn’t “peak” weekend, (we were a week early)  it was still really nice and it was great to get out and enjoy the weather, even if it wasn’t as chilly as I wanted it to be!

Haha, can you find Chris?

After we got back from our little trip to the forest, we had dinner with Chris’ parents at the Tortilla Factory in Herndon, which was delicious!  I’d heard about this restaurant but had never been and it was really, really good.  It’s a little unassuming, but the food was delicious, including their chips & salsa which I can be a snob about because it’s basically my favorite thing in the whole world.

Post dinner, we headed home to watch the Caps game.  They played Atlanta and won in overtime (Mike Green is back – wahhhoooooo!)  and we learned that night that Delilah likes hockey, too.

Sunday morning, we decided to take Hunter to Chandon Park in Herndon for a little play session with other dogs.  They have this super awesome dog park with an agility course, trees, benches and it’s fenced, so he could run around as much as he wanted.

I was a little nervous when we first got there because I’ve not seen Hunter around a large number of dogs and didn’t know how they would be around him.  Hunter is extremely sweet and would never hurt anyone, but I was nervous based on not know what other people’s dogs would be like.  To Chris’ credit, he was super relaxed when we arrived and just took the leash right off and let Hunter go.

There were only about 3 dogs when we first got there and they all ran up to Hunter when he went in and then they all started running around and immediately began playing.  It was SO fun to watch!  Growing up, we never took my dog to the dog park because we had a big lawn and he’d’ just do his own thing, but having a 100 pound dog in an apartment, we felt like a dog park was a good idea.  Hunter can not only run around, but he can socialize with other dogs and people which is also a plus.  By the time we left, there were about 11-12 dogs there and he did really great and played with every single one of them.  He (and we!) had a great time and we wore him out for the entire day.  I am so proud of him for doing so well and I can’t wait to take him back.

After such successful playtime, I think we’re definitely going to make trips to the dog park a part of our weekly routine.

The rest of Sunday was spent cleaning house, doing laundry, watching football and being lazy in general.  While I finished up laundry, I realized my whole little family was asleep and took this cute picture.

Such a great weekend – I wish I could do it all over again!


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