Chris’ Birthday and a Surprise Party!

Last Thursday was Chris’ birthday,and there were two reasons I wanted to make it extra special.  1)  It was the first time that we were sharing his birthday as an actual couple (I’ve known him for 14 years and have wished him many happy birthdays, but this is different) and 2) He didn’t do a big celebration for his 30th.   Oh, and I just thought of another reason I wanted it to be special:  I love him tons…that’s why.

Since his actual birthday fell on a weeknight, we met both of our parents out in Fairfax at Guapos for some delicious tex mex.  He opened his gifts and got some great stuff.  He was super shocked that I got him tickets to the Redskins/Eagles Monday Night Football game in November, so I was thrilled that I was able to surprise him with something I knew he’d love so much.  After dinner, the servers gathered around with a guitar and sang the longest birthday song ever, which Chris happily danced to the entire time.


On the way to dinner - putting up the 3-1!



Surprised with Redskins/Eagles tickets!



Dancing it up to the birthday song.



Birthday dinner picture.


After dinner, Chris thought his birthday celebration was over because he got some really great gifts, we had an excellent meal, laughed and thorougly enjoyed the night.  However, I had other plans…

For six weeks, I had been planning a surprise party for Chris.  I knew I wanted to do something a little over the top, so I had to get creative.  I finally decided to throw a surprise party at Lucky Strike lanes downtown and invited a bunch of his friends and family.  I’ve never thrown a surprise party, and I have to admit that it was challenging to keep it a secret.  I almost spilled it at least a dozen times, but luckily by the time Sunday rolled around, he really was surprised.

I told him that I wanted to do something “just us” since we had celebrated with our families on Thursday.  He gave me a really hard time getting out of the house on Sunday…asking me a million questions about where we were going, saying he didnt want to go (he got a cold on Friday and wasn’t feeling so great), and that he just wanted to stay home to watch football.  After a firm tone more than once, I successfully got him out of the house and we headed downtown.

I have to say, he was entertaining as we made our way into the city.  Every place we passed, he assumed we were going to.  “Are we going to Bar Louie?”  “Are we going to Hard Times?”  “Are we going to Matchbox?”  “Where are we going?!?!”  He didn’t actually know where we were going until we got on the escalator to go upstairs to Lucky Strike, but even then, he had no idea there were people waiting.

So we walk in, and to the right is the lounge/restaurant and to the left are the bowling lanes.  I knew everyoen was waiting at the lanes, but Chris was starving and immediately headed toward the restaurant.  I said to him “come over here, I want to see what the bowling looks like,” to which he replied “What are you doing??  This isnt’ the right way…gawd, I’m starving!”  I just kept walking, and when we came around the corner, he started seeing faces he recognized and then it all clicked.  It was a great surprise and I’m so thankful to everyone who came out.  I know Chris is grateful too and felt very loved and had a fantastic birthday.

Birthday boy just a few minutes after getting to the party. He has no idea what’s happening,


Birthday cake!



Chris and his sister, Lindsay, opening gifts.



Big Chris, Chris and Rich.



Party favors!



Chris bowling. Nice form.



Chris, Barbie and Elmer.



People socializing.



Chris eating cake...of his own face. So awesome.



Chris and his mom.



Chris and Adrian.



Post bowling beer tower at Grand Slam sports bar.



Happy Birthday, baby!



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