Life with a Dog

Last week, I was doing my usual domestic duties, when I stumbled across an incident of concern in our apartment. 

I went to change the sheets, but when I removed the duvet from our bed, I noticed a sizeable wet spot on the cover.  I was horrified, and immediately thought my precious cat, Delilah peed on the bed.  After getting up close and personal with the duvet, I realized there was no smell, and it was therefor, not pee.  Upon further inspection, I noticed a large amount of hair on the bed in a particiluarly large area. 

The DOG had been on the bed.

The dog had been on the bed for so long that he must have drooled in his glorious slumber and right onto our marshmallow stuffed amazingness that is our comforter.

Since I didn’t catch Hunter in the actual act, I couldn’t really do anything.  The bed was cold, so he must have been off the bed for a while, so it’s not like I could punish him.  However, when I called him into the room to see what he’d do, he had his tail between his legs, and walked very slowly toward me with an extremely guilty face. 

Yep, culprit caught.

Since Delilah’s food is in our room, we have to keep our room accessible during the day, so we got one of those kiddy gates and blocked it off so that Delilah could just jump over it to get to her food and water.

Well, on Monday, the gate was knocked over, and Chris saw his giant paws jump off the bed from his vantage point in the kitchen.  Since Chris sort of caught him in the act, he was able to tell him “no” and get the point across that he’s not allowed on the bed.

I thought this issue was over.  However, I was wrong.

This morning, just before I was about to leave, I went to get my clothes from the dryer (they had wrinkles), and when I got back to our room 30 seconds later, I stumbled upon this:

Oh my god, I was dying.  DYING.  He looked SO comfortable and SO guilty and he KNEW he was caught.  He started to get down but I hissed at him, “YOU STAY RIGHT THERE!!!” while I ran to grab my camera.  When I got back, I obviously took this picture and then hissed again, “YOUGETDOWNRIGHTNOW!!”

I promptly moved Delilah’s food and water into the office (I hope she found it), and shut the door to the bedroom.  Hunter’s days of enjoying the good life are officially over. 

It’s just hilarious to me that he’s smart enough to (usually) only get on the bed when we’re not home!  If it weren’t for his ridiculous amount of drool, I don’t think we would have ever known he was sprawled out, enjoying life on a bed fit for a king.


One thought on “Life with a Dog

  1. Awwww!!!

    I love dogs in the bed! When I’m at home at my mom’s, I let me dogs in the bed and I even let them under the covers with me…hehehehe. They’re my babies!!

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