Lately, I have been ridiculously stressed out.  Like, the anxiety is creeping back into my life and actually making an impact, and I just want it to quit.  I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s mostly related to transitioning to a new job, as well as the numerous trips we have coming up.  Our next free weekend (that we’ll actually be in town!) is not until the weekend of September 11th!  Between now and then we’ll be in Ocean City, Carteret County, NC, Dover and the Poconos.  Sigh.  It’s just a balancing act of lots of stuff and I need to figure out how to remain calm with so much on our schedule.  I think my fear is that I won’t have much “me” time, but at least in Ocean City and NC, we’ll have basic, low-key weekends with our families.  We’re just so busy it borders on the ridiculous.

On a positive note, today we started doing Weight Watchers!  I did this a few years ago and had some decent success, but I think having Chris do it with me will help a lot more.  We did really well on day one, but these upcoming trips will prove to be challenging I think.  I just have to remember that it’s impossible to be perfect though, and dammit, if I want to have a crabcake while on the eastern shore, I’m going to have a crabcake.  Haha.  I’m excited, it’s good.

Along with weight watchers, I think we’re going to do a 5k!  I have no intention of running the entire thing, but I’m up for walking/jogging, or just walking the whole thing and am actually looking forward to it because it’s for a good cause!  We’re planning on doing the 9/11 Memorial 5k at the Pentagon which actually falls on the 11th of September which happens to be a Saturday this year.  Hopefully we’ll actually follow through and do this.  I can see us backing out only because it will be the first Saturday we’re home in over a month…we’ll see.

Happy Monday!


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