An Open Letter to the Washington Nationals

Dear Nationals,

I am very disappointed in you. 

I’m not disappointed that half of your debit card machines weren’t working. 

I’m not disappointed that I missed out on a free t-shirt becuase traffic was so bad we weren’t able to be part of the first 10,000 fans.

I’m not even disappointed that Strasburg injured himself moments before July 27th’s game.  I get it –  Things happen at the last minute and other people have to step up to the play the game.

I’m disappointed becuase you didn’t communicate with your fans. 

The only reason that last nights game sold out was becuase Strasburg was the advertised starter.  While the team is getting better and have fans to support them, they don’t generally sell out unless Strasburg is on the mound. 

As a fan, I spent somewhere around $200 for last nights event including tickets and parking.  It was a summer dream come true for my boyfriend and myself to finally see Strasburg in person. 

Imagine our surprise when the starting players came onto the field and the 37 was nowhere to be found.

Surely this was a joke.  Surely this was a mistake.  Surely we would be told what was going on.

No.  Nothing but silence.  It was as though Strasburg didn’t even exist.  Poor Batista was even booed due to shcocked fans hearing his name.

Why didn’t you communicate with us, Nationals?  Isn’t that an integral part of a relationship?  Your silence was painfuly deafening and we had to turn to our friends and family NOT at the game for an update.

Chatter went through the crowd, “couldn’t get loose….” “injured during warmups…”

So we knew he was out, but you didn’t say anything.  You let us sit there for 3 painful innings, wondering what was going on before you finally made a 15 second announcement. 

You failed us in your communication skills, Nationals, and I’m very disappointed. 


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