The Best Thing

Living in the DC area, I have a plethora of amazing places to see at my fingertips.  I have history, I have culture, I have art and I have fun.  The tourists have started descending on the city now that most schools are out for the summer and seeing them buzzing around the city got me thinking: What would be my favorite sight it I were a tourist?

Would it be one of the monuments?  Lincoln, Washington or Jefferson, perhaps?  I’d probably pick Jefferson, but that’s not my ultimate sight.

Would it be one of the Smithsonian museums?  Maybe Air & Space or even Natural or American History.  I’d probably go with Air & Space, but that’s not my favorite place, either.

Would I choose the White House, or Old Ebbitt Grill?  The National Christmas Tree in the Winter, or the Cherry Blossoms in Spring?  Would I pick the Georgetown waterfront or artsy Eastern Market?

The choices are endless, but I already knew the answer to my favorite place in DC even before the thought popped into my brain.

The ultimate place in the District for me is a tiny park called Gravely Point which sits at the end of the runway at National airport.  The park is a romantic, whimsical, exhilarating and fun.  It’s chaotic yet peaceful, deafening but pure.

Day or night, Gravely Point is hands down my favorite place in DC.  You can see the Capitol and the Washington Monument from the park and can enjoy a cool breeze off of the Potomac.  You can bring a blanket, plop down and just simply enjoy the view.

Planes takeoff and land just a few hundred feet above your head leaving you with an adrenaline rush of excitement and a spectacular sight.  Kids run around in the park, squealing with delight as the jet blast shakes their little bodies and parents laugh and take pictures of such a rare moment.  Couples snuggle on blankets enjoying glasses of wine, and bikers pause to enjoy the view.  It’s a place like no other.  You’re surrounded by people, but yet somehow you find yourself in your own little world.

Gravely Point is, and always will be a special place to me.  It’s a place where I’ve spent hours with best friends, and where I fell in love with a boy.  It’s perfection come to life and I’ll love it always.


One thought on “The Best Thing

  1. Wow…very descriptive. I love how you took a trip through memorials, parks, museums and really give a feel for the city. That you settle on something so sweet and simple is indicative of who you are. I was trying to think about my favorite spot and I think it is still the Washington Monument because Dad and I went there the day after our wedding, just walking around and realizing our lives together had begun…it was very sweet. I can’t drive by there today and not think of it.

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