Dear Metro, You Suck

Dear Metro,

The morning after I blogged about our dysfunctional relationship, you went and did the unthinkable.  You created an even bigger disaster than I could have imagined by whipping up a fire at McPhearson Square.

I was happily on the train by 7am to arrive at work by 8am (remember, I have to give myself an extra 20 minute cushion for the unknowns), when suddenly the train stopped running in Clarendon.  The conductor came on the speakers and said there was smoke at one of the stations and that we’d be holding for a while.  Smoke?  That’s not terribly unusual.  I went back to reading my book when a few minutes later, the conductor came back onto the speakers and announced that there was an actual fire at the station.  What?  Lame.

Metro, I sat in Clarendon for almost an hour.  You even threatened to send me back to Vienna to start my morning commute all over again which I find to be very rude.

We learned shortly after the trains resumed service that this silly little fire was caused by leaves in a light fixture.  Don’t you pay maintainance people to fix such problems, Metro?  Where is my money going if people aren’t paying attention to these sorts of issues?

I don’t know why you can’t get it together, Metro, but quite frankly, you suck.




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