An Open Letter to Metro

Dear Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority,

We need to talk.

I’m sorry to say that you’re just not living up to your end of the deal in this relationship.  I give you everything I can and get very little in return.  Throughout our relationship, I have been very patient, but this just isn’t working for me.  You are almost always late, keep me waiting constantly and make my blood pressure boil.

This relationship is very complicated and I feel like you’re smothering me at times, Metro.  No, literally, the trains are so overcrowded that I literally can not move and have my nose shoved against someones back (or armpit, depending on the day).  How can this be?  With the increased fares in January and now the ridiculous increase going into effect in 2 weeks, surely this overcrowding will cease.  Surely you can afford to increase the number of trains on the tracks in order to safely and comfortably get people to their destination.  SURELY this will happen…right, Metro?

Last week you provided me a train with no air conditioning in 95 degree heat.  While I appreciate the 2 pounds that I lost by sweating in the car for 20 minutes, I don’t think that no AC was very nice of you.  The $5.00 I pay each way should be more than enough to fund proper maintainance of the train, Metro.

And Metro, can you please explain to me why there are continual malfunctions on the trains?  It’s becoming a problem nearly everyday and it’s making me late.  When the trains start to go and then jerk to a sudden stop, it hurts me, Metro.  Especially when I slam my hip into the edge of a seat because I’m standing, grasping for a bar above my head that’s almost too hard to reach.  I’m 5’7” and I have a hard time reaching it – can you imagine the people who are 5’5” and under?  The frequent delays are so bad that I’ve had to add an extra 20 minutes of cushion time just to anticipate whatever curve ball you might throw at me each morning, and quite frankly, I could use that extra 20 minutes to sleep longer.

I am very frustrated and disappointed in you, Metro.  I feel like our relationship is very one-sided.  I give so much to you and you just take, take, take.  When are you going to start giving back and treating me like the wonderful person that I am?




One thought on “An Open Letter to Metro

  1. Oh Metro. I don’t miss the Metro really. I didn’t mind the buses, as they were more on time and reliable in my short bus commute than the trains ever were. It does sound like the trains have gotten significantly worse since I left the area. I blame urban sprawl.

    Hope things get better!!

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