Weekend in Maryland Megablog

If I could describe our trip to Maryland this weekend in one word, it would be….. HOT.  I think the temperature was about 92 degrees plus about 87% humidity, so it felt like it was about 110 degrees.  I loathe the heat more than anything (seriously, I dread summer unless I’m next to a pool and can cool off), so it was a little rough temperature wise, but we had an excellent time even in the extreme heat.

We got up early on Saturday, left Virginia and checked into the Hyatt Regency Baltimore which is located in the Inner Harbor.  I’ve been to Baltimore more times than I can count, but I’ve never actually stayed overnight, so it was a nice treat to have somewhere to go and not be rushed.

Hyatt Baltimore Atrium

Once we got settled, we walked around the Inner Harbor in the ridiculous heat and made our way over to ESPN zone for lunch.  We lucked out and got some nice seats in the sports side of the restaurant where the GIANT screen of sports is located.  We had some Blue Moons, watched some baseball, and honestly just enjoyed the AC for a while.

I will drink not only my Blue Moon, but I will drink yours as well!

Happy Guy.

After lunch we subjected ourselves to the heat and made our way to the water to try the paddle boats.  However, we discovered that for $3 more, we could rent an electric boat and save ourselves the energy and tool around the harbor at our leisure instead of working out.  No lie, at least 3 paddle boaters asked us if we wanted to trade boats while we were on the water.  Suckers!

After our little trip out on the water we made our way back to land and hit up Rita’s for some Gellati and rest.  Some lady was nice enough to stop and offer to take our picture after she saw us trying to get one good shot by taking a picture ourselves.  I love nice people.

Self taken....

3rd person taken. :)

So after all of that fun, we jetted back to the hotel and proceeded to nap for about 2 hours before getting up to head to Camden Yard for the Orioles/Red Sox game.  SUPER fun game, but oh my god….it was HOT AS HELL.  No exaggeration, the heat was borderline miserable, but we made do, found a breeze, drank lots of water and thanked god that our seats were in the shade.

The Red Sox won 8-2 (YES!!), and although we had planned on going to the Power Plant neighborhood for some beers post-game, we were wiped out from the sun, sweat and fun, so we headed back to the room, cranked the AC to 60 and passed out.  Thank you, Baltimore!

On to Sunday…

We were really looking forward to Sunday’s activities, and they did not disappoint.  On our way out of Baltimore, we decided that we wanted to see Charm City Cakes, the bakery where the TV show “Ace of Cakes” is filmed.  I was hoping we’d be able to see in and maybe get a peek, but the windows were blacked out and the doors shut.  Oh well, still cool!

After a quick 30 miles from Baltimore to Annapolis, we walked around downtown and the waterfront for a few hours before we were to check in for our lighthouse tour.  Yet again, ridiculous heat and humidity, but we made do.  Thank god for Chris and his infinite patience – I am not terribly pleasant to be around when I’m overly hot, but he did a great job handling my attitude problems on Sunday morning.  I just wanted to publicly acknowledge that since I know I can be a nightmare.  Hey, at least I’m aware.

Anyway…we walked around the waterfront, wandered around the state capital and took the time to take tons of pictures.

Once we were thoroughly sweaty, we headed over the bridge to the Annapolis Maritime Museum to sign in for our tour of the Thomas Shoal Point Lighthouse.  Chris has thought this lighthouse was really cool for quite some time, so I was more excited for him than anything, but the whole experience was really cool.  We watched a short movie about the history of the lighthouse to get us pumped for the tour (it totally worked), and then we hopped on the boat for the 3 mile ride.  Chris and I decided to be the cool (or stupid) kids and sit on the front, even though we were warned that we’d get some spray from our seats.  We threw caution to the wind (literally) and chose to sit on the front of the boat, maximizing our view and allowing for a nice breeze.  While the mate told us that we’d get some spray, we did not realize that we’d arrive at the lighthouse soaking wet because waves crashed over us over the course of the 3 mile ride.  Nonetheless, it was the coolest we had been all week and it was worth it.

Approaching the lighthouse.



Haha, soaked!

Getting onto the lighthouse involves climbing through a trap door. Best. Picture. Ever.

Once we were successfully on the lighthouse we got about an hour to tour the ancient structure.  Although it was small, there was a lot to see, so we really just wandered around, took pictures and enjoyed the view.

Tiny staircase.

One of the original doors from the 1800's.

Pretty view.

About 20 minutes before we were supposed to leave, we were suddenly informed that a big storm was headed east, so we had to depart a little early to beat the storm back to land.  I freaked out a little bit because the word tornado was mentioned, and Chris was nice enough to take the following epic picture:

They said TORNADOS!!! Stop taking pictures!!

I’m happy to report that we made it back to shore with little drama and the rain held off until we were happily inside eating lunch.  We asked some locals where we could get some good crabcakes, and one guy suggested a restaurant called the Boatyard and it did not disappoint.

Now THAT's a crabcake!

I can’t explain how much fun we had over this past weekend.  It was super hot, super fun and we made super great memories.

I love my life.


4 thoughts on “Weekend in Maryland Megablog

  1. Looks like a BLAST!!!

    Except for one thing…why is he wearing a Nationals jersey to the ORIOLES game?!? You can’t wear a team’s jersey that’s not even playing!!! Le sigh.

    • Agree!! However, he wasn’t about to go buy Orioles stuff when he’s a Nat’s fan. Maybe he he was supporting Strassburg’s debut just a few days early. :)

  2. Ah…where to begin. First let me say that if c’est crab cake tasted half as good as it looked you guys were luckyyyyyy. And then, the Hyatt looks pretty. And then, the ESPN Zone screens looked massive. And then, the beers you double drank looked yummy cold. And then, the boat ride looked way fun..have to remember that one. And then, the church sign about the Sox/Yanks/Os was hilarious. And then, Camden in the shade…lucky you! And then, Charm City Cakes…cannot believe they were closed…this after all of your tantrums! And then, Annapolis, always beautiful. Too bad too hot. And then, the Lighthouse looked amazing…I didn’t remember that it was 360 water. Oh and that pic that Chris took after you heard the “T” word…that expression was just a TAD familiar….translation: “Get me the eff out of here or we’re all going to die. I said move it people!!!”

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