Summer Begins in Ocean City

The last time I went to Ocean City was in the middle of February when I was 15 years old.  In all honesty, I might as well have said that I had never been because our trip over Memorial Day weekend felt like the first time.  We had a super low key and laid back weekend and I can’t wait to go back in a few weeks.

We got in late on Friday night and I immediately went to bed.  Saturday, Chris and I went down to the boardwalk where we walked around, ate some world famous Thrashers fries and played old school arcade games.

Saturday night, we went to the world famous bar, Seacrets.  Everything I had heard was that it was awesome, huge, unlike anything you’d ever seen……and it exceeded what I pictured.  It was like 2934932 bars within one bar.  Luckily Chris had a friend who was able to get us in for free, so we avoided the $20 cover charge and just paid for our beers and enjoyed the live music.  Neither Chris and I are really big into going out to bars, but I will admit that it was pretty fun.  However, we both agreed that it was more like a once a year thing.  We’re old and lame, I know….but when you have to share the bathroom with a girl who’s butt is hanging out of the stall because her head is in the toilet, you know you’re too old.  No really, that happened.

Sunday morning we went down to the beach where powerboat races were being held.  It was actually really cool, and kinda scary to watch.  More than anything, I was shocked at how low the helicopters were to the ocean!  The announcers said that the choppers were flying so close because if something happened to the boats (collisions, flipping over, etc…), the helicopters had divers in them to rescue the people immediately.  Anyway – it was pretty cool.

After the races, Chris and I hung out at the beach for a few hours and tried to get some sun.  I swear to god, he sat in the shade for 3 hours and got super tan, while I baked in the sun and only got a teeny tiny burn on my arm.  I hate having fair skin.  It’s gonna take all summer to get tan.  Oh well, at least summer is just starting!

This weekend we’re heading to Baltimore for the Red Sox/Orioles game on Saturday.  We’re staying downtown on Saturday night and then driving to Annapolis to take our tour of the Thomas Point lighthouse which is about 30 minutes off the coast.  I can’t wait to post pictures of this mini trip next week!

Have a safe and fun weeeekend!


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