Best. Night. Ever.

All week I’ve been looking forward to the baseball game we went to last night and the evening did not disappoint at all.

We got to the park around 6 and wandered around for a while.  Nationals park is easily one of the most fan friendly parks, so we listened to some live music, enjoyed the pregame happy hour $5 beers and walked around the stadium checking out the views of the monuments and the river before the first pitch.

Chris was smart enough to call the Red Porch restaurant a week ago, so we had dinner in the middle of center field, literally about 50 yards from the players.  It was pretty rad.  At one point we were kicked back with our feet up just enjoying the view.  Enjoying the game from the Red Porch is definitely something we’ll do again in the future.

Cute boy enjoying happy hour.

Perfect view from the Red Porch.

In the middle of dinner, I found out that my cousin, Michael was actually at  the game, too.  When I called him, I found out that he was sitting right behind home plate with 5 of his buddies who he had toured with in Afghanistan.  Michael and one of his friends came over to the restaurant where we hung out for a little bit, then they went back to the Diamond Club to enjoy the rest of the game…

Shortly after we said our goodbyes, Michael called me and said that they had extra seats and could get Chris and me into the club.  Crazy.  We ended up watching the rest of the game from premium seats and it was such a treat.  Not to mention we got to spend time with Michael which was also really fun.

Upgraded view....nice.

Love these guys.

Shortly before the game ended a few guys around us started pointing out this guy who was sitting a few rows in front of us and across the aisle.  Turns out it was Redskins hall of famer, John Riggins.  Since I wasn’t raised in the area and he was huge in the 80’s, I didn’t know who he was, but Chris definitely did.  Michael actually went and talked to him with a few of his buddies and then proceeded to get a picture of Mr. Riggins with Chris and me.

All in all, a most excellent night.  So happy.


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