Love & Hockey

My first Capitals game this year was in October and they played their fierce rival, the Philadelphia Flyers.  An avid hockey fan in my high school days, it was the first time I’d been to the Verizon Center in over a year, and I was sucked back into the game at the drop of the puck.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but hockey would change my life in 2009, and all for the better.

A month after that Flyers game, I received an e-mail from an old friend of mine who happened to have an extra ticket to the Capitals/Panthers game.  My friend knew I liked hockey and thought I might like to go to the game.  I jumped on the opportunity and excitedly accepted the invitation.  I hadnt’ seen my friend in a number of years and thought it was a great chance to spend the evening catching up with a fellow Caps fan.   Turns out, going to that game on that night with that person would change me.

…That person who invited me to the Capitals game was Chris.  My old friend from high school, Chris.  We went to that game (which they won by the way), and had a great time, and when the Caps won and the game ended, I found myself not wanting to go home, but wanting to spend more time with him.  So, we picked up a 6 pack of beer, drove to National Airport and sat on a picnic table at my favorite place in the world, Gravely Point.  We watched planes takeoff and land 250 feet above our heads for hours and it was one of the best nights of my life.

The more we caught up and updated each other on our lives, the more feelings I felt for him.   It was so overwhelming…being so comfortable with an old friend and having these emotions just completely overtake the night.  When Chris finally kissed me, I thought the world had stopped.  The anticipation of that moment was almost too much and after saying he “wasn’t going to kiss me,” he went for it and it was like being in the best hollywood movie you’ve ever seen.  I melted.  My heart stopped.  I fell in love.

Over the past six months, I’ve been to many a Caps game with Chris and we’ve seen the best of worst of them.  Chris has season tickets, so I went to more games than I can count and I loved every single one.  We went to practice, we watched them win, we watched them lose and we did it all together.

This year, the Capitals brought Chris and I together, and when they lost game seven of the first round, I thought my heart might break.  But it didn’t.  I remembered that although the Capitals season was over, their game and their team brought me love.  Genuine love that I didn’t know existed.  How could I be sad?  While the Caps may have lost it all this season, love prevails.


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