Salt Air

I spent my weekend on the coast of North Carolina, and as usual, the weekend went by entirely too fast.

We drove down late on Thursday night so we’d have all day Friday and Saturday to spend time with the family and it was worth it, even though we didn’t get in til 2am.

Friday morning we headed to my Granny’s, where we were officially introduced to Carly who just turned 3 weeks old.  At a ripe 5 pounds, she’s unbelievably cute and I couldn’t get enough of her.

I think I passed along my sports fan persona, as Carly does the "touchdown" pose. :)

Granny & Carly.

After holding Carly for at least two hours, I played with my four year old nephew, Logan who I must say is turning into quite a personality.  He called me a “little turd” at least 3 times and even smacked my mom on the butt as she got into the car at one point.  He’s a handful, but fun….and cute.

Logan being silly.

Friday evening my mom and I went for a drive down to Atlantic Beach to hit Oceana Pier around dusk.  Then we drove down to Ft. Macon to see the Bay side of the ocean as the sun was setting.  It was windy, but gorgeous.

Atlantic Beach from Oceana Pier.

By the time we got back to my Granny’s house on Friday, my dad and his brothers were rehashing childhood stories at the kitchen table, and that was my cue to curl up on the couch for a nap.

Brothers, talking.

Saturday morning, we decided to do some fishing.  Keep in mind that in the 30 years I’ve been going to Atlantic Beach, I’ve never fished off of Oceana Pier.  The only fishing we’ve done is deep sea fishing on the Captain Stacy, which is an entirely different experience.  Fishing off of a pier is intimidating for a few reasons:

1.  Lots of other people are around so the chance of catching someone with a hook is higher.

2.  The current of the waves makes your fishing line go all over the place.

3.  It’s really easy to get your line caught on the pier (I lost 2 lines)

4.  Casting your line is incredibly difficult if it’s your first time.

Anyway – I made do, and after an hour, I actually pulled up the biggest fish of the day.  It was awesome.  Most people were catching sand sharks and sea mullet, but when I felt the fish bite the line, I thought I had something bigger.  Then when I felt so much resistence, I thought I was actually caught on the pier again, but then I saw the fish come to the surface and actually start flapping around.  Without the water to provide weightlessness, I suddenly couldn’t reel the line in anymore, and I started yelling “help me, help me, help me!!!”  It was actually really funny because my dad and uncle were so involved with trying to catch their own fish that they didn’t even know I was yelling for help.  Finally, my dad ran over and started pulling the line up with his hands, and then another guy came over to help him while I stood and took pictures.

My fish being pulled up.

So proud of my catch.

Turns out I caught a 3.5 pound Black Drum.  I don’t really know what that means other than it was the biggest fish on the pier of the day and it caused quite a commotion.  It might not sound big, but it was big compared to everything else that was being caught.  One guy even walked by and said “a girl caught that fish,” as he pointed to the fish in the bucket.  I chimed in with, “that’s meeeeee.”

After the excitement of my catch wore off, my dad pulled up a sand shark.  That would have been exciting if sharks were not being pulled onto the pier left and right.  Still cool, though.


I had no luck after bringing up the Black Drum, so I got bored and decided to make my mark on the pier by officially defacing a little bench/wall area at the end of the pier.

We ended our fishing adventures around noon and then headed over to my Granny’s for a birthday BBQ to celebrate Nicole and Granny’s birthdays.  We grilled, played games, chatted and generally had a fun time.  Oh, and I held Carly again for hours.

Nicole attacking Logan.


Once the festivities were over, we went back to the pier to bid the ocean farewell until next time.  I must say, the ocean sent us off in style.

I miss you Carolina coast.  Until next time…


One thought on “Salt Air

  1. Your photos are absolutely beautiful of the beach!!!
    Oh and that is AWESOME that you caught that big fish! You are one super bad ass! :o) Love you… Em :)

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