Long Live the Written Word

I’ve been a reader my entire life.  Growing up, our Saturday tradition was that my mom and I would go to the local library and check out the maximum five books.  I started my first journal when I was seven and have loved words, their meaning and the emotions they convey ever since.

I have quite a collection of books, but my life changed in 2008 when I got an E-Reader called a Kindle.  The Kindle is perfect for my need of instant gratification, as it delivers books to me in under 30 seconds.  I’ve been reading on my Kindle ever since I received it, and have hardly bought a “real live” book in the years since.

For my birthday, the lovely ladies in my office gave me a Barnes and Noble gift certificate, as they know how much I enjoy reading.  I’ve been holding onto the gift card for two months now, because I wasn’t really sure what to buy.

So on this lazy, Sunday morning, I slipped into my flip flops and made my way to my local Barnes & Noble.  I instantly found myself sucked into the aisles of books and I was nostalgic for the paper and the words that filled the brightly shining covers.  I must have spent at least an hour running my fingers across the spines of the books, scanning pages, and excitably reading beginnings of endless novels.

I left with two new books and beautiful stationary and the desire to go back.  While my Kindle is wonderful, there really is nothing better than a brand new book that I can actually touch, feel and smell.

Long live the written word.


3 thoughts on “Long Live the Written Word

  1. I hear ya sister!! I love books. Books I can touch. Books that I can smell. I love that crazy library book smell too. LOL I am not sure I will ever be able to go the way of the Kindle, but I am glad you have one foot on both sides :)

  2. I TOTALLY agree… I LOVE books. I love how they feel and smell. :o) Justin has wanted to get me a Kindle but I’m not sure it will be as special as a book is for me. I feel like holding onto a book is all part of the joy of reading. :o)

  3. completely agree. my bookshelf is like my trophy case. i can’t transfer to the kindle… i love my books. welcome back.

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