The Gold Medal Game

I’m watching the end of the USA v Canada gold medal game, and I can’t help but be disheartened by how dejected the USA’s team appears.  I am saddened by their sadness and can’t quite understand the pain in their eyes.

The US went into the Olympics with little expectations.  Yes, they were better than a lot of the teams, but were they ever expected to win the gold?  No.  Does that mean that the underdog never wins?  No.  But, to make it to the gold medal game against the home country’s team no less…we should be proud.  Losing the gold means winning the silver, and as an American, I know that I am proud of our team.

Canada is an ally of ours…they’re our friendly neighbor whose 90% of the population reside within 100 miles of the US.   So many of our great NHL players hail from the Great White North, so where would we be without them?

While it’s the loss of a game for the US, they’re still walking away from the Olympics with a medal, and that’s a win.

Go World.


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