What’s another word for hectic?  A word that can make hectic seem calm.  Welcome to my life!

Between work, school and moving, my world has been spinning so quickly it’s been difficult to keep up.  But, tomorrow is Friday, and I’ll get a nice break to catch up on a little relaxation.

Here’s life lately:

I’m in the middle of my last semester @ school and it’s been decent so far.  Lots of reading and writing to keep up with, but I’m making it work.   Have I mentioned I am super ready to be done already?  Two more months!

Last night the hotel held it’s quarterly “Grand Performance Reception” honoring Associates of the Month for the last quarter of 2009.  I generally plan and run this event, but since I was a winner, I got to enjoy the festivities instead!  It was nice hearing all of the nice things my managers had to say about me, and it was great to be recognized for my performance.

The HR ladies (minus Annette) and our hotel's General Manager. :)

So, can I brag for a moment?  I have the best pen-pal, EVER!!!!  I came home to a piece of mail today and when I tore into it, I discovered Niki had ordered me a customized embosser AND beautiful stationary!  For those who don’t know, an embosser is this neat little thing that imprints something into paper and makes it totally unique.  I love, love, love it and can’t wait to use it when I write letters.

Gratitude for the day:

1.  Bubble Bath

2.  Unexpected gifts

3.  Washer & Dryer in my apartment

4.  Snuggling

5.  Laughter in the office


2 thoughts on “Lately

  1. way to be a kick-ass employee and that embosser is AWESOME! What a special, personalized gift. That seems like something you will really use and enjoy. You do have a good pen pal!

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