Traffic in DC is generally a nightmare on a regular basis, but the last two weeks have been unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

Ever since we got 59 inches of snow(!!!!!!!), things have just gone to shit and haven’t quite returned to normal yet.  I usually take the bus & train to work, but with the snow, neither were running, and on the days I wasn’t stranded in room 506 in the hotel, I would drive to get to work.  While the Federal Government was closed, the commute wasn’t too bad, but as of last Friday, it’s been hell.

I literally sat in traffic on K street for two solid hours.  I work 5 miles from my house, and it took me more than two hours to get home.  There was so much snow that had yet to be cleared (they’re still bringing in dump trucks to remove the snow), that basically the city was down to one lane.  Buses and cars blocked intersections for 20 minutes at a time, and we were turning our cars off and on it was so ridiculous.

This week I have been driving because I’ve been bringing boxes home with me everyday as I pack up to move.  Today, as I drove down K street, I had flashbacks of last Friday, as it took me an hour and fifteen minutes to get home.  I think for me, it’s not so much the amount of cars on the road that’s so bothersome, but it’s how people treat one another.  I saw a car run a red light and nearly hit a bike messenger, I saw a driver lay on the horn before a light even turned green, I saw cars blocking intersections out of pure selfishness, and I saw myself, sitting like a complete idiot, crying in my car, desperate to be home.

I don’t know what the delay has been in the District with clearing the snow and fixing the roads, but compared to Virginia just a few miles away, it’s like another planet.  I do not understand how there can be such a huge difference in cleanup and how DC has been able to get away with their epic failure for this long.  It is seriously out of control and very, very disappointing.

I am so grateful that tomorrow is the last day I will be driving to and/or from work in a very long time.  Once I’m settled in Reston, the bus will be my only option, so the temptation and/or need to drive will be 98% unavailable to me.

It’s been a nightmare of epic proportions and I am so happy that I’m almost finished with this nonsense.


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