Thirty is the New Awesome

30th birthday weekend was a ridiculous success.  Here’s the breakdown:

Thursday we arrived to Manhattan mid afternoon, so we spent a few hours tooling around the city and doing some shopping.  Nothing better than hitting the ground running, right?  Friday night we did dinner at Dos Caminos, where we had the best guacamole I’ve ever had.  That’s hard to say, especially since I lived in Texas.  But, it was amazing.  After dinner we walked 20 blocks in the bitter cold back to the hotel, taking pictures the entire way.

Pre-Dinner Pictures.

Lobby Pictures.







Friday we woke up and had breakfast across the street at a place called Pershing Square.  Yum.  Jamie actually had to do some work, so Shannon and I took to the streets and walked over to the world famous Serendipity for their frozen hot chocolate and a bite to eat.  After that we got $10 manicures, did some shopping on Canal Street and then met Jamie back at the hotel.  We spent the evening freezing our asses off in the streets of Brooklyn, but it was worth it because we had the most incredible pizza, ever.

Strolling through town.


Frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity.


Teeny, tiny pizza place.


Butterfly in Brooklyn.

Saturday, we woke our asses up at 6am and made our way over to Rockefeller Center to get standby tickets for Saturday Night live.  It was about 7 degrees outside, so that in itself was quite an experience.  After we got our tickets, we immediately went back to the hotel and jumped back into bed for another 3 hours.  We spent the afternoon on Saturday walking around midtown, spending a few hours at MoMA (one of my all time favorite places in the world), enjoying cupcakes in the cold, and eventually got dressed up and enjoyed dinner at hot-spot, Tao.  After dinner, we raced back to the hotel to change our clothes, and then booked it back to Rockefeller Plaza in hopes of making it into the audience for SNL.  After an intense wait of about 45 minutes, we were finally told we we were IN, and I nearly peed my pants.  I grew up watching SNL, so to be in the audience was a spectacular treat.  Seriously, who spends the midnight hour of their 30th birthday at Saturday Night Live?  THIS ONE!

This is what 6:30am at Rockefeller Plaza looks like.

This is what 6:30am looks like at Rockefeller Plaza.


The oh so golden (or white) ticket!

Freezing cold as we walked to MoMA.

Shannon as the water lilies all to herself.

It took all of my being not to touch this Pollock.

It took all of my being to NOT touch this Pollock.

Have I mentioned that I love Pollock? for lovers.

Cake from Magnolia Bakery.

No joke, I hummed the "30 Rock" theme song the entire time we were in the vicinity.

Dressed up for Tao.

A Sake-Tini is never a good idea. Always stick with Shiraz.

Moments before being led into studio 8H for SNL.

Sunday, I had an early flight home, so I peaced out of the hotel before the girls woke up, and was home by noon.  I had lunch with my parents, came home to a beautiful cake, and had a low-key dinner with the boyfriend.


Now that, my friends, is how you turn 30.


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