Christmas, ya’ll!


I did Christmas with the boyfriend on Tuesday since that was the last opportunity we had before I left town.  He was happy with the Maryland basketball tickets I got him, as well as a few other small things that were included as part of his present.  He got me a Carolina sweatshirt (which I loved because it must have killed him buying that since he’s a Terps fan), as well as a Mike Green Capitals shirt and an awesome digital picture frame.  The cute thing about the picture frame is that he actually opened it and uploaded a bunch of pictures of us and the stuff we’ve been doing over the past few months.  Very sweet and I loved it.

Before opening gifts, we made our own Christmas since we were a few days early. :) Dinner @ Old Ebbitt followed by the National Christmas tree made for a great memory and wonderful way to celebrate the holiday a few days early.

The parents and I left for Cambridge, MD on Thursday to spend the holiday at the Hyatt Regency Resort, Marina, and Spa.  To say it was awesome is an understatement.

When we checked in, they upgraded us to a two room suite which was fabulous.  Twenty minutes after checking in, a bottle of wine and giant fruit basket were sent up!  We had dinner at their seafood restaurant right on the bay, and my crab and cheese macaroni was to die for.  After dinner it was almost 9pm, so we went back to the suite and did Christmas on Christmas eve!  I have to say that I feel like I really got some great stuff, and I think my parents enjoy what I got for them as well.

I loved my old camera so much that I got a new green!

I was instantly obsessed with this Kiehls facewash. It's like a foaming mud! Loove it.

Favorite moisturizer. :)

Dad got me tickets to the Capitals/Penguins game in February. RIDICULOUS rivalry, and I can't WAIT to go!

Mom got me a massage @ the was amazing.

On Christmas day, we woke up and had breakfast, took a walk around the grounds (the resort is to die for and I will go back in the summer when I can take advantage of the beach, pool, marina, tennis courts, etc, etc, etc…), hung out in the library and drank beers, played pool, ping-pong, air-hockey and cards, watched movies and eventually ate a phenomenal dinner.  Oh, and on Christmas night, more goodies were sent to our room!  Smores, more fruit, and champagne!  I feel so spoiled.

Morning walk along the pier.

Cute little pavilion.

Cute pavillion.

Mom & Dad on the bay.

Mom & Dad on the bay.

Me hanging out in the library.  Thanks again for the scarf, Shannon!

Me in the library.

Nothing like a delicious Blue Moon on a Christmas afternoon!

Nothing like a delicious Blue Moon on a chilly Christmas afternoon.

I love ping-pong!

Evening spades.

Evening spades.

Dad in his element.

Goat cheese wrapped in phyllo, served with honey & wild dandelion greens. Heaven!

Filet Mingeon with lump crabmeat on top with smashed potatoes. Incredible meal.

On a side note, this morning at the spa, I discovered the most amazing body milk ever, and I had to share my find!  It’s called “Sweet Cream,” and it’s by a company called Farmhouse Fresh.  It has a sweet scent with a touch of almond and it’s very silky when applied.  Also, it comes in a cute glass bottle, so it displays nicely as well.  I just thought I’d share because it was a great find and I just had to buy it for myself!  I really love this product, so I just might have to check out their website for more stuff.


I thought it would be weird spending the actual day of Christmas at a hotel, but it wasn’t.  It was actually really nice getting away from tradition and doing something new.

Happy holidays!


2 thoughts on “Christmas, ya’ll!

  1. Wow!! That looks fantastic. And please allow me to invite myself when you go back when it’s warm out. :)

    Also, that’s the camera I am thinking about getting. Please let me know how you like it!

  2. Niki, I love the camera! Took it to the Caps game tonight and am much happier with the pictures on the new camera vs the old camera. :)

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