Coming Up!

Lots to be excited about!

December 24-26:  Christmas at the Hyatt Chesapeake Resort & Spa!

January 7 – 10:  3 days in New York with my BFF’s to celebrate 30 years of life!  Suggestions of sites/restaurants are encouraged and welcome!

January 16:  Belated birthday dinner @ Central by Michael Richard (winner of the James Beard award for best new restaurant in 2008!) with the parents and the boyfriend.  Oh, and did I mention staying downtown for the night…just because I can?

So fun!


4 thoughts on “Coming Up!

  1. Hi Guys,I saw you both on the Australian story and was completly amezad at what you both have accomplished!! I have also played with a baby orangutan and it was a life changing event. i am so thankful for all the hard work you both have put in, you are both such inspirational people!Congratulations on all that you have achieved so far, cd’m sure there’s much more to come!Kind regards,Sheree

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