Someone (Shannon!), has been on my case about my lack of updates lately, so I figured I would take a rainy Sunday morning to catch up.  I’ve been busy (and in love), so what can I say?!

Here is the latest…in pictures.

Shannon made a surprise trip to VA for Thanksgiving and I got to see her for a quick lunch. Yay!

Got tickets in the box to see the BB&T classic @ Verizon center. The game of the night was Maryland v Villanova and it was awesome. Love college basketball, no matter what the team!

Chris & me @ the Maryland/Villanova game.

Tracy & me showing support to the Army as we waited to lay wreaths at Arlington National Cemetery.

We got to participate in "Wreaths Across America" and lay wreaths on graves @ Arlington. It was quite an experience...and a beautiful day.

Those are my “fun pictures” of the moment.

In between all of that stuff I’ve just been working, finishing up the semester (done next week!!!!), and hanging out with Chris.  Life is busy, but better than it’s been in years and filled with love, laughter and fun.

One thought on “Lately.

  1. love, laughter & fun….awwwww that seems to really sum things up for ya! YAY!…….thanks for finally blogging again! ;) ive been tortured w/o your posts lately….HA!

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