Believe Me, You’re Not Better Than the Rest of Us.

I realize that I live in a geographic region where chivalry is pretty much non-existent, but jesus christ, do people have to be such assholes?

I was walking to the metro this afternoon, and I was about 10 feet behind a guy who was probably my age, and as he walked through the doors of our office building, he let go of the door and it slammed in my face.  I know he saw me too, because we entered the hall at the same time.

Then, on the train, when I reached my stop, I was waiting in the doorway to get off the train, and this jerk comes over from my left and rudely cuts in front of me, hitting me in the arm with his stupid laptop bag in the process.

If I know someone is behind me, I hold the door.  I’m aware of my surroundings and don’t run over people while trying to get to the nearest escalator.  I’m not perfect, and I probably look like a jerk sometimes, but I try to be aware…

It’s just incredibly frustrating to live in a place where everyone is in the same boat, yet some people think they’re so much more important than others.

…This just in:  They’re not.


3 thoughts on “Believe Me, You’re Not Better Than the Rest of Us.

  1. RUDE! I can’t stand when people do that shit! I mean HOW hard is it to hold the door for someone? Sometimes I hold the door for a LONG time if I see someone that I know is going to be coming through the door. It always seems to surprise people but it is such a little gesture of respect!

    To the guy who cut in front of you I would have said “Oh I’m sorry I got in your way”. You say it extremely serious, like you are genuinely sorry and it makes them feel like an asshole.

  2. OH, and tonight on the train, this stupid girl would NOT move when I needed to get off in Rosslyn. Literally, we were standing there, and she would not move her hand from the pole, and was totally blocking my way. I said excuse me like 3 times, but she must have had her ipod on too loud, because I finally had to poke her to get off of the effing train.


  3. rudeness is EVERYWHERE. the other day I had an asshole park in two spots so his car wouldn’t get hit and they were the only two spots left in the parking lot. talk about fuming.

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