Dear Serena

You are an idiot.

Just because you’re ranked as the number one tennis player in the world doesn’t mean you can’t lose every now and then.  Just because you play a bad match doesn’t give you the right to act like a complete moron.

Way to throw a temper tantrum and break your racquet after losing the first set.  How John McEnroe of you.

But your epic meltdown at the end of the match?  That makes you the winner of the “loser of the week” award.

Telling a line judge that “if you could, you would shove the ball down her throat” is not very polite, Serena.  Pointing and shaking your racquet at her is not nice either.

After acting like a toddler, you deserve to lose.  Grow up.



US Open Tennis



3 thoughts on “Dear Serena

  1. I agree completely… she should not have been praised and she shouldn’t think that is acceptable. I think she should be fined like NFL players for being unsportsman like. Complete bullsh*t.

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