Blood and Paint

I’m moving to Arlington on Sunday, but before that, I’m donating blood and painting my new bedroom!

The Washington Nationals are hosting a blood drive tomorrow, and I’m going at 11:30am to donate.

When I was younger, I used to donate every few months, but in the past few years, I’ve been turned down because I didn’t have enough iron in my system.  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be successful.

Though the initial prick of the needle is uncomfortable, the 20 minutes it takes to donate a pint is totally worth it, as donating that small amount can really save lives.  If you have a blood drive at your office or community, you should definitely consider participating.

blood_donors_1After my contribution to saving lives, I’m heading over to my new place to paint my bedroom.  I’m going with a medium green color which I think will be a nice compliment to the light blue I currently have for my linens.  I also think it will look good with the hardwood floors.

Similar color that I'm painting my room with.

Similar color that I'm painting my room with.

Actual moving day is Sunday at 9am.  Can’t wait!

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