Busy Weekends and an Awesome View

I went by my new apartment on Saturday morning to officially sign my lease, and I move the weekend of August 8th.  Yay!

I made my way to the roof to check out the view again, and while it was hazy due to the humidity, it was exactly as I remembered it.  On a less than humid day, it’s a little more clear, but this at least gives you an idea.


After leaving Arlington, I headed to lunch with my family in Reston, where we went to Jackson’s Mighty Fine Food and Lucky Lounge.  My cousin, Jackson is in town visiting for 2 weeks, so it was a fun place to go for him.  It’s one of the restaurants owned by “Great American Restaurants (Sweetwater, Mikes American, etc…), so of course the food was yum.


After lunch, we went home, and I promptly took a nap.  On weekends, I haven’t done much sleeping in, so I enjoy taking advantage of the opportunity to take a nap when I can.

After waking up, we headed out to the District to catch the Nats v. Padres game.



In the middle of the second inning, Jackson and I got up to get food, and as we made our way back to our seats, all hell broke loose and the wind nearly blew us away.  In the span of about 10 minutes, the weather went from breezy with a few clouds, to black skies with a chance of the apocolypse.  Soon after, it began raining like crazy, and the game was delayed until 11pm.  We left about 30 minutes after the rain came, and as we drove home, there was a brief break in the downpour, so we stopped at Iwo Jima (my favorite memorial) for a photo op.


The rest of my weekends are busy, busy through September.  I’ll spend next weekend packing to move, the weekend after that I’ll actually be moving, the weekend after that is Shannon’s bachelorette party, and then a few weekends later is Shannon and Steve’s wedding in Rhode Island.



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