Not Soon Enough

CM8ANSHJ1packers_and_movers_servicesI’ve been at my job three weeks as of today, and my move into Arlington can not come soon enough.  The commute is riding my last nerve and I can’t wait to cut it by half.

Last week, I was on a train that broke down.  Literally, the doors would not close, and we all had to get off of the train and wait for the next one.  In the middle of rush hour, that is not a good thing.  I felt like a sardine trapped in a can.

Add to that the fact that the trains have been manually operated since the accident between Takoma and Ft. Trotten, and you get a roller coaster of a ride.  For some reason, the mornings are generally flawless, but going home is a different story.  I stood in the middle of the car this evening, holding on to the pole for dear life, trying not to get flung every which way as the car lurched forward only to screech to a stop again. It was nauseating to the Nth degree, and being thrown against perfect strangers is not an ideal way to end your day.

Welcome to my life.

Welcome to my life.

This morning, I was lucky enough to get a seat, but 3 stops later, had to give it up because some 25 year old asshole was sitting in the seats reserved for handicapped and elderly people.  When an elderly woman boarded the train, slowly moving with her cane, deperately looking for a seat to sit in, the guy hid behind his trendy sunglasses and ignored her.   So, I had to give my seat up so that the woman could sit safely and comfortably.  We all gave him the evil eye, but he never budged.  I shouldn’t say I had to get up…I should have gotten up, as it’s the right thing to do.  But, my point is that he should have gotten up first, because he was the one sitting in the reserved seats.  Rude jerk.

My ride home was just as annoying.  I was waiting patiently on the platform, anticipating the arrival of the train headed to Vienna which was scheduled to arrive in 3 minutes.  I generally wait a few feet from the edge of the platform (yes, I’m scared I’m going to get shoved in front of the train), so imagine my annoyance when a woman walks down the stairs and stands directly in front of me.  Literally, it was like cutting in line at the grocery store.  The thing about the metro though, is that there are no official lines, so you can’t really yell at someone for being an asshole.  People are just selfish, and that’s just how it is.

The hogging of two seats is also very popular among the selfish folk.

The hogging of two seats is also very popular among the selfish folk.

Once I move into Arlington, I will only have to ride 4 stops on the metro, and take the bus 7 minutes.  After this rigmarole, it’s going to be a dream.

All negativity aside, this is what I have waiting, and I’m looking forward to it oh so much.



One thought on “Not Soon Enough

  1. Sooo I don’t know you… but I saw your blog response on Shannon’s blog! I just have to say that I wholeheartedly embrace your metro frustrations and can gladly say that is one of the many things that I do not miss about Northern VA hahaha… sorry for your pain :(

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