Today, I woke up and still had a cold, burned my hand on my curling iron, ran out of time for coffee, missed the bus by .003 seconds, waited 15 minutes for another bus which was late, sat on the bus with a perfect strangers crotch in my face for 15 minutes, couldn’t get a seat on the metro which resulted in standing for 30 minutes…in heels,  arrived to work 5 minutes late because train was delayed, still didn’t have time for coffee, forgot to eat breakfast, got my heel stuck in the doorway of the elevator, got lost, spilled water down my face while talking to someone, had lettuce stuck in my teeth at lunch, got lost again, gave myself a paper cut, and forgot my employee number.

My job is awesome, and all of that stuff is minor compared to the potential I have to learn and grow at this point.  Without any sarcasm whatsoever, I can say that it was a genuinely fantastic day.


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